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Thursday, January 22, 2004

In The Beginning

Well, never one to not try and hop on the train AFTER it has left the station, I've finally decided to get up my own web log, or blog. I hope you enjoy my ramblings and maybe we can all learn a thing or two. As the Great Communicator so eloquently put it, the open exchange of ideas is really the greatest security of a free people.

Of course, when someone shows up and intends to threaten that freedom, we thank the open exchange of ideas amongst those arms makers in the Connecticut River Valley who gave rise to the .357 which so effectively protects.

I suppose any good introduction, as introductions do, should give a little background about me, this blog, and the direction I would like to take it.

Well, I am a thirty something married guy, with a fabulous wife, son and dog, living just outside Washington, D.C. but still "inside the beltway." I'm an environmental attorney and spend my days, nights, and most waking hours trying to educate people about the true state of the environment, and ensure that Congress, and more importantly, the folks at the Environmental Protection Agency think before they act. Sometimes, its a whole lot more difficult than one would imagine. As that patron saint of regulatory oversight, Jim Tozzi, likes to say: every four years we get someone new who swears they'll do it differently, but they all go native. If you've got a suggestion for how we can change that, shoot me an email, I'd love to discuss it.

As you can imagine, with my background, I will probably be spending some time here presenting my views on various environmental matters. Don't fear though, because I do have other interests. Your also likely to read about my delusional rantings on politics and political theory, why my Macintosh computer is superior to your PC (but doesn't hold a candle to my oldCommodore 64), current events, my son, wife, and dog, and of course anything else that's on my mind.

I also hope to spice things up with some real news reporting on the events in downtown D.C. In the coming weeks, look for both some, photo and video reports on all the major events

Generally, I hope to present fairly serious commentary, with a bit of fun thrown in, on a variety of subjects over the coming days, weeks, months, and hopefully years (we will see about that).

I'll mostly be reporting from my homes outside Washington, D.C. and Chattanooga, TN, and wherever else my travels take me. Since I am not paid to blog, its best to look for updates in the mornings and evenings (unless some special event is happening).

So sit back, grab some coffee, and come join me at the counter top.