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Thursday, February 26, 2004

More on the Gun Debate

Boxer is now accepting that trigger locks are available easily enough, but she is still pushing to require trigger locks because kids find guns and use them.

She understands the need to avoid regulation, but can't get over the fact that kids are dying because guns aren't locked up. She is now citing the demands of the national safe kids campaign ... and repeating her bogus "facts" on the high rates of childhood deaths - especially in urban southern cities.

Uuuuh, but how many of those are gnag related homicide.

What most terrible about this amendment is that while Congress doesn't dictate the specifics of the devices, they have to be approved by the Consumer Products Safety Commission. The CPSC of course is the same agency that tried to force a recall of BB guns because of an inherent defect - you can point it at yourself and fire. I could just image what they would do to firearms, a product they are specifically prohibited from regulating because of their past political troublemaking, but which Boxer now wants them to have oversight of.


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