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Friday, February 27, 2004

Warner Levin Amendment

They just pushed Levin's Amendment through in order to allow John Warner to introduce an amendment.

He's my senator (also married to Liz Taylor at one point). He says it is a heartfelt personal amanemdnets. He is going on about his father - and devouting his life to medical establishment. WWI as a doctor

Amendment states that if certain protections are addorded to guns then they should also be afforded to medical profession - I agree, but the problem is this is a poison pill - Ds can never go for it and will force them to vote against entire bill. This amendment is going to fail because of that.

But Listen, ifyou ca, to warner, or read teh transcript tonite. He is saying important things about medical profession.

now is talkingabout his gun collection - he got his first when he was 9 and has a modest collection

He thinks if Senate moves forward, the medical profession also get protection from needless lawsuits.


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