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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Were you lying then, or now?

Well, it seems like some people were certainly lying about Boobenfreude. The New York Post is claiming that Jackson now admits the stunt was planned, but that the decision was made after the final dress rehersal. This of course begs the question as to why the dress was designed to break away like it did in the first place, if the decision wasn't made till after the final rehersal.

Of course, this now contradicts Timberlakes statement that it was a "malfunction" and casts considerable doubt on the veracity of all else invovled. CBS according to the same Post story now wants Timberbrat and Jackson off the Grammy show. Seems to me like a case of too little too late and, as I stated earlier, doesn't really come close to ensuring this won't happen again. For that to occur, we really need to see the removal of top level executives at CBS, MTV, and Viaom. I'd say MTV Networks President Judy McGrath and CBS head Les Moonves are good places to start.


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