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Monday, March 01, 2004

Feinstein's On

Nauseating -

Dianne Feinstein just took the floor to offer amendment identical to S. 2109 (Assault Weapons Ban) and is thanking Sen. Warner, Chafee, etc.

Claims it makes us safe from disgruntled employees and angry students.

Never listened to her, but one thing that is apparant here is that she is a horrible public speaker.

Mentions Columbine, etc. and is now talking about body armor and some cop finding himself gunned down after facing someone with 2,000 rounds. She says it takes 150 cops to equal the firepower of some gunman clad in body armor.

She is referring to us as Gunnners and is now attacking the NRA and their strength and how much stronger the will of the American People is the strongest - that 70% of Americans and 66% of gun owners support it - and that america is safer for it.

She says the percentage of assault weapons used in crime has decreased by 2/3 - and has some chart.

What - is that 3 crimes dropped to 1??????

Actually, I think it shows originally 4% of crimes to 1.2% of crimes now . . .

Says it prevents drive by shooting and grievence shooting. She is talking about the exact guns now.


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