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Monday, May 10, 2004

And this helps society how??

So, Alabaman authorities arrested former Buffalo Bill, five time Pro Bowl player, and 1991 NFL MVP Thurman Thomas at his hotel for possession of a half smoked joint and being drunk. Boy, I feel all warm and cozy inside knowning that Mr. Thomas isn't going to be out on a drug induced rampage mugging any of the guest at his 5 star hotel.

But seriously, when I come across dumb items like this it makes it real tought for me to support calls for increased police funding. Obviously, in Fairhope, Alabama (no comments on the utility of hoping for a fair trial there, please), the police force could probably get by with a slight reduction in manpower.

Of course, the city thought he was such a threat to everyone's well being that they released him in time for his participation at a celebrity golf tournament Saturday morning.

I generally like Alabama. I haven't been to most of it, but the places I've seen in Northeastern Alabama are gorgeous. Mentone is beautiful and I will be back there in a couple of weeks, hiking around Lookout Mountain. But the state does have a reputation for what I will call, charitably, misplaced law enforcement priorities. It really ought to reconsider . . . .


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