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Monday, May 17, 2004

Da Skins

While not quite Chicago, Washington football fans do go pretty crazy over the Redskins. I'm a life long Giant fan (of the Yankees, Giants, Rangers ilk . . . . I despise the Mets, Jets, Devils/Islanders contingent) but in recent years have begun to get swept up in the Redskins hoopla. Its sort of exciting the lengths to which this town loves its team, hates its owner, and shines a constant spotlight on their activity. Even right now, in Mid May, a long long hot summer away from the begining of the football season, Washingtonians are still talking football.

Well, the one thing I do like a lot about the Skins is the Cheerleaders. They are fun, entertaining, and without a doubt, very attractive, times as Courtney clearly is.

Her profile says she is a legal assistant - what I want to know is How come my legal assistant doesn't look this good?


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