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Thursday, June 24, 2004

CBS News, Amazon.Com, and McCain Feingold

So its seems that a blog you should be reading everyday Rather Biased has uncovered documentary evidence of a partnership between CBS News and the

I haven't looked into all the legal implications yet, but it strikes, especially in light of the often times completly slanted CBS news coverage of President Bush lately, and the blatant attempt to push sales of books that are quite critical of him, that perhaps CBS news is teetering on losing their media exemption.

Heck, if the FCC is going to keep ads for Farenheit 9/11 that anti American rubbish by Michael Moore Fat Bastard off the air then they should certainly consider enjoining CBS news from any broadcast between now and election and election day in light of this blatantly commercial and political aspect of their broadcasts.

Of course, someone would have to file a complaint with them. Now just who might do such a thing????


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