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Monday, July 26, 2004

Jackie Mason

Growing up in the shadows of New York, where EVERYONE I knew was either an Italian or Jewish, I've long been familiar, and thoroughly enjoyed, the comedy of Jackie Mason. Think of it as Rodney Dangerfield for the liberal, urban, jewish set.

Well, in recent years, like so many others of the jewish faith, Mr. Mason has been particularly displeased with the Democratic Party's blind embrace of various muslim groups. Mr. Mason hasn't been quiet about what he thinks of these people either.
Guest-hosting on Jim Bohannon's nationally syndicated radio show in mid-July, comedian Jackie Mason went on a tear against Islam. "In plain English, the whole Muslim religion is preaching and teaching hate, terrorism and murder, and nobody knows it, and it's about time they found out about it," Mason said. "I don't know how we can call it a religion in the traditional sense. It should be called a murderous organization that's out to kill people."
Good for Jackie. Its about time someone spoke the truth. Of course, in the interest of full disclosure (if you don't follow the link) the Washington Post's Richard Leiby (someone who strikes me as willing to hand Israel over to the Germans, if that will win John Kerry a couple of extra votes) prefaces these comments by saying "Thats Not Funny."
Not surprisingly, CAIR is insulted and demanding a retraction and apology. Mason, who has more balls than most in his profession, doesn't give a rats what CAIR thinks. While he hasn't responded, one of his writing buddy's, Raol Felder, who has called Mohamad a pedophile, has.
Felder said the remarks were based on the Koran and denied broad-brushing the religion: "One would have to be a moron to think that this applies to every single Muslim in the world. It doesn't, obviously." Citing the First Amendment, Felder said: "We have the right to say it and they have the right to curse us and say we're full of beans and to go on cursing Jews.


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