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Monday, July 12, 2004

The Trickle Begins

Well, the reports will begin to trickle in.

First up, as I explained earlier, our drive down witnessed not a single John Fonda Kerry sticker. In the great part of the world we were in, that of course extended out through the entire week. Out time in Knoxville (from which I am now a full fledged member of the Rocky Top Brigade, but alas saw no sign of the Insta man himself (even at the law school)) witnessed Zero. The same held true in all our other destinations. Chattanooga? Zero. Atlanta? Zero. Drive back up - Zero, until we saw one on I-66 between Front Royal and Manassas, clearly heading back to DC.

Actually, what was for me the most amazing part of the journey was the time I spent with my wife's cousins in Atlanta. We holed up for a good part of Saturday in the Virginia Highlands neighborhood. Hip bars, restaurants, and shops. Lots of left wing limousine liberal types. Or so we though. Reality proved much different with not a single John Fonda Kerry sticker making an appearance and in fact witnessing a surprising number of Bush bumper stickers and signs in the storefronts.

One other amusing revelation - in Walker County, Georgia, the local Democratic Party office has a big sign proclaiming "Lets Take Back Georgia" but not surprisingly does not include a single John Fonda Kerry sign.

Or John Edwards sign, for that matter.


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