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Monday, August 09, 2004

Another Thing I Don't Like About Liberals

"I don't put blankets over my daughter's head because it's uncomfortable for her. If I did, she'd scream and bother everybody," Charkoudian said. "And I think it's disgusting to ask anyone to eat in the bathroom."
Give me a break!

I think its disgusting to expose your swollen breast to an entire restaurant and wait for you kid to start chomping down.

If you buy into this strange breastfeeding cult the liberals around here have created, then do us all a favor and 1)don't take your kid out in public, or 2) pump your breast and give the kid a bottle. Heck, thats the way they are drinking all day long anyway as these liberal mommies (dare I suggest they are mostly commie mommies) are off at their high powered and self important jobs, leaving the task of child rearing to the nanny.


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