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Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Sorry the bloggins been light today again. I was up most of the night, both with my pretty bad sunburn but also because of the trouble my wife and son encountered in Richmond, VA driving back from St. Simons Island.

Not sure how many of you are aware of this, but Richmond was hit with flooding of biblical proportions last night. At one point, just as my wife and 2 year old were entering the city on I-95, the rain was coming down at a rate of 7-10 inches an hour. Traffic pretty much came to a standstill and they moved less than a mile in 2-3 hours of the downpour, watching as the roads around them quickly began to fill with raging waters.

A brick building of at least two stories had collapsed in the Shockoe Bottom area, and several dozen buildings had extensive water damage after the rain that fell Monday afternoon and evening flooded the area as much as 10 feet deep, Mayor Rudolph McCollum said Tuesday. In places, rushing water floated cars and trucks and smashed them into buildings.

Almost 80 roads eneded up being closed, and close to 100,000 people were without electric as a result of the storm.

Eventually, they were able to get off the interstate (which had been closed down) and thanks to the fact that they were driving an SUV, were able to avoid flooding the engine and driving over washed out sections of road and head west until they could stay at a hotel. Other cars around them weren't able to get out.

I guess SUV's don't necessarily suck then, do they. Or am I simply being a cold hearted, selfish, American human. And people wonder why I hate Gulfstream liberal environmentalists.

God damn hypocrites. May they all rot in hell.


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