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Friday, September 24, 2004

RCOB Moment

I hate School Administrators. Especially the clueless liberal kind. Add a foolish, zero tolerance policy and you've got a recipie for disaster. In New Hampshire at least, it amounts to the suggestion that kill themselves, cause they certainly aren't free.

In this case, it turns out Londonderry, in far Southeastern New Hampshire, populated as it is with Massholes galore, thinks a skeet shotgun is a tool of mass desctruction, unfit for viewing by impressionable high school students. As Matt at Stop The Bleating points out
this decision is ridiculous. We're not talking about a student submitting a photo of himself waving a handgun while flashing gang signs; trap is a legitimate sport -- in fact, an Olympic sport. There's nothing violent about it, except in the twisted worldview of a few ignorant people.
Plus, if they are going to ban shotguns in yearbook pictures as violating the zero tolerance policy on violence, then what about all the other violent activities the students subject themselves too?
as far as I know trap originally was intended as a way of practicing for bird hunting, but I'm certain that many trap shooters today have never hunted in their lives, just as lots of archers have never bow-hunted, most javelin throwers presumably never have waged war Bronze Age-style, lots of fencers presumably never have participated in a real duel, etc., etc.
Wonder if they've gotten rid of football and wrestling too??
Actually, I wonder what John Kerry thinks of this? You know, he is a sportsman and a Masshole.


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