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Monday, October 04, 2004

Can Kerry Win?

Being a traitorous lout will cause this:

And let's face it, folks, John Kerry is really irritating.
There. I've said it. And, having broken the surface tension on that spleen blister, let me just get the rest of this off my chest once and for all....

Generally speaking, it would have been better for the future of the Republic if, upon eliminating Howard Dean, Kerry had been stashed in a location as undisclosed as the one where they usually keep Dick Cheney. Then he could have let Bush defeat himself through policies and actions that no sane electorate could have ratified.

But no. He insisted on campaigning, apparently under the misapprehension that to know him - or at least to know that virtual version of him his marketing wizards had wrapped around him - was to love him. This, unfortunately, has not been the general effect. Gradually, I have watched the steam go out of the Anybody-But-Bush crowd as we realized that anybody, in this instance, was the increasingly irksome John Kerry.

People who, several months ago, were ready to go door-to-door in Ohio in order to defeat Bush are unwilling to even campaign among their friends to elect John Kerry. And I have become, I must admit, one of these. Being an actual Kerry *supporter* just seems, well, un-cool.

It's just so sad that John Barlow's spent too much time in Berkley or San Francisco or Paris or Berlin or some other such place which long ago came to the conclusion that American should no longer have the right to decide who its leader will be.

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