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Friday, October 29, 2004


That asshole has released another tape.

I turned on the TV on my desk and while surfing up on to Fox News, passed Dan Rather on CBS news who looked like he just saw a ghost. More importantly, and perhaps more insightfully, he also had an air about him as if one of his minions had spoken out of turn and he needed to know go into damage control mode.
  • We Don't Know Where Bin Laden Is

  • We Dont't know if this is Bin Laden

  • The Bush Administration has not captured Bin Laden yet

  • If this is Bin Laden, the Bush Administration hasn't killed Bin Laden yet

  • We don't know if this isn't just a sick joke designed to punish our saviour, John Kerry

  • John Edwards pays attention to his hair

  • John Kerry is respected in France

You get the picture.

Now some jerk is on Fox criticizing the President's prosecution of the war on terror and suggesting that we should listen to the sage advice of Jimmy Carter. Hopefully John "Friend of America's Enemies" Kerry will do the country a favor by going on TV tonite and repeating this line.


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