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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Second Amendment Purists

Clayton Cramer has a very important posting on fanaticism that everyone who cherishes their rights needs to read.
I know that there are pro-gunners who are so focused on purity that they are going to vote for someone other than Bush. And what are they going to say next year, when President Kerry is pushing hard for a new, much tougher assault weapon ban, and gun registration, and support for lawsuits against gun makers again?

"I was pure!"

Great. That and 75 cents will buy you a cup of coffee. This is not a game. We are engaged in a struggle for not only our gun rights, but the survival of Western civilization. I can't tell you what John Kerry will do as commander in chief, because he has given so many conflicting messages, many of which indicate that he will not take this war against Islamofascism seriously. I suspect that some of the "purer than thou" posters are actually anti-gunners trying to lower Bush's vote totals.

Got that. Go read the whole post. Don't let your myopia ruin a good thing. Vote for Bush on November 2nd. Vote early Vote often. Just vote for Bush. Please.


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