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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Dead Scumbags

Whether he died yesterday, or earlier this week, or even last week, makes no difference. The Scumbag is dead.

John Tant, as usual, has a thoughful post on the subject and clearly outclasses me in describing his feelings.

His post does raise some interesting moral issues though. In it, he says
Far from beatifying him, he should be roundly condemned and buried in a potter's field with no marker.
While I understand his sentiments, to do so would deny folks to ability to ensure the grave they were pissing on was actually Arafat's.

Perhaps we could mark it in some other fashion, without a formal marker, but still with some indication of were his body lies while his soul rots eternally in a pot of boiling pig fat. I suggest a memorial pig sty under which we can bury his body.


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