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Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Though I haven't been posting in about a week. My intended posts this weekend didn't go up because, well, I have a family and a job and some things need to take priority.

So there you go. I celebrated my blogiversary by not blogging!!!!
What a wonderful concept.

Blogging is going to be pretty much non existant this week too as I work up something new and exciting here. . . . . oh what the heck, I'll tell you know.

Between work and family, I am finding the time to blog increasingly scarce and therefore in an attempt to preserve any remaining shred of quality left with this tired youn blog I am going to try to turn this into a weekly blog (not weak, I said week). That means I will work all week long to put together some material (a song lyric, pictures, thoughtful commentary, etc) and then every Sunday evening I will make my one post - so that you can spend all week taking your time to read this here blog.

Of course, if something sufficinetly exciting happens, I may post about it sooner than Sunday.

Got that. Great. We'll see how this experiment works.

In the mean time, read some Rachel Lucas. I mean, the girl is just brilliant.

Oh my god, make her shut her stupid face

For the love of christ. What a bitter old wretch.

I'd pay good money to see Condi answer one of Boxer's questions with the actual answer, followed by, "Got it? Bitch?"


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