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Sunday, February 27, 2005


As some of my readers no doubt know, I post over at The High Road fairly regularly, and lurk there even more often. If you can wade through the usual internet bullshit and paranoid delusions there really is a lot of interesting information to gather from it.

Anyway, I have two firearms related projects forthcoming . . . 1st, I want to instal a new trigger in my Colt 1991A1. I was going to send it to a gun smith, but after seeing how cheap the parts actually are, I think I might do it myself. The High Road of course, has a load of information on trigger jobs and other basic gunsmithing items at The Consolidated 1911 Clinic Thread. Check it out.

The other project is an attempt to reblue the cheap Marlin 336 I purchased last august (I forgot that I had put up a hot picture of Jessica Simpson in that post). I've ordered the Complete Perma Blue® Paste Gun Blue Kit from Birchwood Casey and hope to complete the rebluing over the next two weeks - while my wife is away. If anyone has an experience with this product, I'd love some pointers or even a link to a good web page showing how to do it.


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