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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Out of touch

Speaking of political philosophies that are out of touch, Yosemite Sam at The Ten Ring has a great post today on the scourge of communists in academia.

Read it, than read Denise's (also of the Ten Ring) excellent frisking of the Jersey City gun buyback program. This hits home particularly hard since my brother almost participated. You see, he once lived in the reasonable state of North Carolina where amongst the many goodies he purchased was a delightful Ruger PC9. It was a sweet little carbine, one that was both accurate and cheap to shoot while also providing enough kick to ruin someones day. The problem was, its sort of an evil black rifle thingy to the folks in Jersey and hence it ended up in my possession for the last five years where I didn't get to use it nearly as much as it deserved. Eventually, my bro came to the decision recently to buy a Springfield M1. Nice rifle, but sort of pricey. He decided to sell the Ruger and was going to come down here to pick it up and bring it to Jersey City. He was thrilled at the notion someone might pay him $150 for it. Thats something I should have done, but being a bit strapped for cash at the present, and looking to create gun locker space, I didn't. Rather, I ended up selling it for a good deal more than the $150 - yet still less than what I probably could get.

The lesson of the story - don't accept less than market prices from cops.


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