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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

At least their honest (sort of)

Sam Lee, the chair of Australias National Coalition for Gun Control has called for

total ban on semi-automatic handguns to prevent them falling into criminal hands with deadly consequences

I thought Australia already banned guns, but I guess there are still some shreds of freeom left there. Now, of course, you might be wondering what prompted this latest call?

Acording to Ms. Lee,
What we are going to see in the future is more high-powered handguns on the streets because gun manufacturers are developing what are called quick-draws, which means they can be quickly grabbed and aimed at someone
Eeer, isn't that the point of carrying a gun??

The campaign launch comes just days after the fatal drive-by shootings of two men at The Rocks in Sydney. "It is our belief that a handgun was used in this shooting and these lives could have been saved," Ms Lee said.

She is the author of a new research paper into handgun crime which found an estimated 291,273 handguns are in circulation in Australia.
Of course she doesn't elaborate on why that is her belief, or how a her plan actually addresses the problem, especially since her paper also finds that the majority of handguns have moved into the black market via theft notwithstanding the already existing bands on theft and burglary generally.

What we're asking the government - both federal and state - is to ban all semi-automatic handguns

At least she is honest about her intentions. If only our own domestic enemies of the constitution were so forthright.

Sorry, I can't find a link to the story but I picked it up off of Lexis. Its from an AAP Newsfeed dated April 19, 2005 by Alyssa Braithwaite.


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