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Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Looks like I have exceeded the bandwidth for my free photobucket account. I am contemplating purchasing additional bandwidth, but am hesitant to do so for a few reasons

1) the Photobucket account resets every month and while this hasn't been a low traffic month, it hasn't been the highest either. I almost made it, and would hate to pay money for something that is only going to be an issue once.

2) I haven't paid a dime for this blog (except my considerable time) and to the extent I can avoid paying anything into it, I can keep on blogging guilt free.

3) If I were to invest money in it, it would be in the form of a new service provider, Hosting Matters possibly, and then the use of some software other than Blogger itself - probably wordpress, but I am open to other options. If I do that, I will mostly likely go with a service that already provides sufficent bandwidth and hence, lose the need for an upgraded photobucket account

4) I am going to open up an additional photobucket account next month and try and split my use between two accounts, which should do me well.

So, my readers, any thoughts???


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