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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag

Took my son to see Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag at the IMAX Theater in the Air and Space Museum today.

WOW!!!! Its as good as the reviews.
The true story of a cocky flyboy who competes in a combat-training program, it is Imax movie as world's largest video game. With unrivaled access to military procedure and camera angles that are both jaw- and stomach-dropping, the movie is a need-for-speed seduction that will delight both PlayStation jockeys and those Tom Cruise wannabes with "Top Gun" forever in their DVD players.

Fast, slick, and full of fancy 'splosions, it's also the largest, most manipulative military recruiting ad you've ever seen -- Boeing is the main sponsor, the Air Force its main star. You fully expect to find Donald Rumsfeld waiting outside the theater to sign you up.
Sign me up.


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