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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Squash Your Rights, Make A Lot Of Money

Or, the fundraising experiment known as oppression.

Just looked over the 2003 990 form for the Brady Bunch.

Of the interesting information conatined in it, I thought you might enjoy knowing how much these people make to take away your rights.

Michael Barnes earned $224,830 plus another $8,496 in expenses.
Christopher Carr, their Chief of Staff, earned $155,527 plus $6,201 in expenses.
Finally, Sarah Brady earned $140,792 plus $5,632 in expenses.

And guess who else turns out to be a Director.

Maria Cuomo Cole; John Rosenthal (of that fraud the American Hunters and Shooters Association); Chief Chuckie Moose of the Sniper Screw up fame - you know, the guy who blamed everything on extremist white gun owners and then went door to door in Montgomery County confiscating all the registered .223 rifles for "testing."


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