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Monday, October 31, 2005

Couldn't Have Said It Better

Peter King, a gun banning bigot from New Jersey (I think he is just generally misinformed about the issue - like most in Jersey) who happens to write one of the better online professional football columns, hits it out of the park with his reaction to Sheryl Swoopes big announcement.

a. I would like to announce, drum roll please, that I'm a heterosexual male.

b. Which is to say, I don't understand the mania around athletes announcing their sexual preference. Do the vast majority of Americans care who Sheryl Swoopes sleeps with? That's assuming the vast majority of Americans even knows who she is. That's not a dig at Swoopes, just astonishment that we in the media put her coming-out announcement on the front pages of sports sections across the country. It's mind-boggling to me. I'd like to go back and see how many of those sports sections put stories from the WNBA championship series on the front page this season. We somehow think if an athlete is gay it's bigger news than the reason we're supposed to care about her -- her skill as a player, and what she does with that skill -- in the first place.


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