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Monday, December 12, 2005

The Rino Rodeo

Well, its 1:00 am on Monday. I've had a hellacious week (topped off with a visit to Hell this afternoon), so while I planned something good and great and in the Christmas Spirit for this weeks Rhino Rodeo, alas, you will have to suffer through something perhaps not as worthy of the honor.

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Image hosted by Photobucket.comSo, drink up, have some Kool Aid and get off my page and start visiting these far more worthy blogs.

One place to start would be with those Rino's who somehow have managed to garner a nomination to the webbies. Its a ridiculous award that I really don't support, but congrats to those who get excited about these things. I suppose you should go vote for them too or something.

Far more important than any idiotic, self centered, award crap is to go over to Radley Balko's and check out the incredible reporting he's been doing on Corey Maye. Just head on over and keep scrolling down. You can start with this post for some background on why Corey Maye's case is perhaps the most disgusting bit of injustice to occur in a long long time. I've been in touch with some folks I know in Mississippi - one of whom is an African America who's pretty close to Haley Barbour. Please do what you can to reverse this terrible injustice.

Seriously folks, everything else pales in comparison but its all out there cause we Rino's are a diverse lot.

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Some are talking domestic policy.
What do we do with Nazis and why are there so many in Toledo?

It seems the crazy moonbats on the left have decided they like neither diversity nor the first amendment. Hmmm. I think Forest Gump was right: Stupid Is As Stupid Does, but Rudyard Kipling put it more eloquently. Speaking of which . . . . I know we are Rino's, but isn't the Gubenator pushing it a bit???Image hosted by

I forgot the NY Times still mattered. There was a time, not too long ago, when I read it and the Wall Street Journal everyday. But then, the Times went all wacky all the time and decided to charge me for the opinion stuff. Oh well, at least some times its still looks like interesting.

One thing I don't think you will see the Times talking about though, is how Illegal Aliens are impacting Congressional redistricting.

Pedantic Posing Or Jackasseries??? I don't know which terms fits, but I've seen it exhibited a lot on the internet (as if some of us aren't constantly monitoring every insignificant little web site and development).

What about all those folks who employ a double standard . . . you know the kind . . . . they criticize Bush when he goes off rightfully on a "Your Either With Us Or Against Us" rant directed at America's and civil society's enemies, but employ their own "Your Either With Us Or Against Us" standard when discussing some looney idiotic social policy? But, you will be thrilled to hear that at least the Army isn't broken, at least no in the way some moonbat congressmen suggest.

Sometimes, you forget just how tough others have it.

Some are talking mortgage rates.
Want to know about Negative Amortization Loans? Who doesn't???

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Some are talking about terrorists and the war on them.
What are your thoughts on where we should keep 'em? Of course, it helps if you understand the real nature of the threat and the invisible enemy first. Especially when they are in our major cities.

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Some are talking about foreign affairs.
It just riles me up when the idiots in the MSM say how bad they have it here? But things ARE improving around the world. Heck, it looks like the terrorists weren't elected in Malaysia.

Idiots x2. What's so funny, but also infuriating, about this Climate Change hogwash is that when the Bush Administration took perhaps the biggest step in the development of new technologies to address CO2 emissions - creating a multinational pact including the US, China, India, Australia, Japan, and Ireland amongst others - the press and the liberals didn't pay any attention and kept discussing the worthless Kyoto Treaty cause thats what was going to help them conquer America once and for all. Too bad they were snookered, now they get to go to Montreal in the dead of winter (Al Gore moment anyone???) and waste their time talking about renewing and strengthening Kyoto while coming to grips with its complete and utter failure. Idiots.

But, I like guns
Speaking of which, you should check out the rest of my postings this month. I've been running a pretty neat Advent Calendar all month long. Check it out and enjoy it, cause if the gun banning bigots get wind of what you've got (through "reasonable means" like gun registrations) its only a matter of time till they try and take them away.

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Not surprisingly, some are talking about Christmas.
I don't mind people saying Holiday because its root is Holy and it expands the joy of Christmas beyond just December 25th, spreading the Christian spirit for a full month. That too me is a good thing. Take today for instance. Santa Clause visited my humble little middle class neighbor right smack dab in the center of McLean Virginia - home to Senators, internet billionaires, and the CIA. The folks to show up in large numbers weren't Christians, but rather the neighborhoods local muslim families who came out to show their support for Christmas and America. I've got to believe it, in some way, is because of the sentiment expressed in the term Happy Holy Days. Still, I say Merry Christmas cause I like it and am used to it. But I don't mind Happy Holidays, and neither does Says Uncle.

I can't stand little brats either. Luckily though, my son is usually pretty well behaved. We can take him out to most restaurants, and the few times he's acted up we simply got up, apologized, and whisked him away. Well, except for once when the wait staff refused our calls to get the check and wrap the food up to go. We tried, and the people next to us thanked us, but we ended up staying for awhile as they wouldn't let us leave. I never really blame kids though when they act up. Its usually the parent's fault, is it not? Too bad Santa's not keeping a list of bad parents too!

Ya know those dumb awards I mentioned at the top of this post??? Is Larry Bernard one of those nominated? If not, it just goes to show how dumb they really are, cause he just continues to amaze me and crack me up.

Thanks for stopping by and come back and visit often. I'd send you to next week's roundup, but frankly, I have no idea where its being hosted. Perhaps you can try the Rino Corral Perhaps someone can post a link in the comments (and I'll update this post). Till then . . . . . too da loo!!!

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