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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Why I Hate DC

One of my favorite blogs is Why I Hate DC. It cracks me up.

Well, here are two more reasons.

The other day, my wife came in to see me at work for lunch. After dropping me off at my building, she proceeded to walk down the street, carrying our son, to grab her car. Her heel go caught in a crack on the sidewalk and she went crashing to the ground, throwing my son down (he was lucky he didn't get thrown into the traffic and only bounced on the sidewalk. He knees and the palms of her hands were pretty torn up (and later were bleeding) and my son was startled, bruised, and shrieking.

Now, this was at lunch hour, in the heart of downtown DC, right off K street, not far from the White House. Would you imagine some lobbyist type might stop to assist? Ask if she was alright? Help my screaming and crying son?

Nope, the only person who came to her aid was a homeless guy who dispatched a friend to get one of the yellow jacketed guys. Wife ended up being ok and didn't need any assistance, though she has certainly begun commenting on how evil the folks in DC are.

Example 2, this morning. McLean, Virginia in the Giant Shopping Center.
I had driven there, on the way to an Easter Egg hunt at our church to drop off some film at Moto Photo. Parked the car, went to get my son out of the car and as I turned around to shut his door he squirmed away and ran right out into the lane. I saw this happening, and saw a car coming right at him. It was as if it was all in slow motion. I quickly screamed, jumped, grabbed him and threw him back out of the way. He was shaken up and I started lecturing him. There was a grandma type woman driving the car, who really wasn't going to fast and luckily saw him who pulled up and made sure we were all right. As she was talking to us, some asshole guy in super stylish clothes walks up to his BMW SUV parked right next to us, turns it on, leans his head out the window and yells "ARE YOU GOING TO MOVE ALREADY, I DON'T HAVE ALL DAY!"



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