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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Daddy, I'm Bored . . . .

Perhaps thats the solution to the non problem of children being naturally curious about guns.

My four year old knows where my guns are and he knows where my ammo is (though he can't really access either, except for some older guns ammo for which I do not have). I take him to gun shows. He knows I use my guns to hunt and he knows I would use my guns to save mommy and him from bad people or bad animals.

He is not curious about them in the least, in fact, he is bored by them. Unlike his toy guns, he knows he's not allowed to play with Daddy's. Even worse, he knows that when Daddy takes his guns out, it usually means Daddy is going to be sitting at the workbench for two hours cleaning them.

And let me tell you, nothing says "I want nothing to do with THOSE things" more than normalizing them in his existence, removing their allure, and turning them into a chore along the lines of cleaning his room or washing the dishes.

Of course, that pusillanimous sycophant Mathew Miller apparantly doesn't even consider that parents might want to educate their children about the responsibilities of owning a firearm, assuming instead that they are simply just evil items to be feared and ignored and lectured against.

A new study involving 201 parents and an equal number of their children has found that 39 percent of kids knew the location of their parents' firearms, while 22 percent said they had handled the weapons, despite their parents' assertions to the contrary. Parents who had talked to their children about gun safety were just as likely to be misinformed about their children's actions as those who said they never had discussed the matter.


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