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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Jim TAlent (R-MO) is up as the luncheon keynote speaker. Bush, apparantly, isn't here today. We got the security notice that he will be here tomorrow (and apparantly I can't bring my computer).

Anyway, Talent is in a tight campaign race and here talking about all he has done for ethanol and farmers. He does raise a good point about ethanol.

For years, the struggle has been to find markets for all the corn and beans we grow. Now, the question is how we find enough grain for all the ethanol plants. He thinks that's a much better position to be in.

BTW, these people hate oil. Talent just got a roaring ovation when he asked the question who do we trust more, hard working Americans or terrorists like the mullahs in Iran and Hugo Chavez.

This follows up on the presentation of Vinad Khosla where he really went after the petroleum industry and pointed out the numerous subsidies that they receive.


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