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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Michael Bloomingidiot Needs A Geography Lesson

New York Mayor Michael Bloomingidiot likes to complain that the flow of illegal guns is a one way street - from free states like Florida, Georgia, New Hampshire and Florida into the den of denial that is New York City.

Appparantly, he's wrong and it looks like New York might actually be a source of illegal arms after all.

And, low and behold, what do you know. They are actually prosecuting this criminal. Of course, its only because its a priceless treasure - a revolver freed from Teddy Roosevelt's home by a postal employee (what's with them) and then delivered to his home in Florida.

The .38-caliber Colt (seen above in a photo provided by Sagamore Hill) is of particular historical significance since it was recovered in 1898 from the sunken Battleship Maine by a salvage crew led by William Cowles, Roosevelt's brother-in-law. Months later, Roosevelt carried the 1895 Colt in the charge up Cuba's San Juan Hill.

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