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Friday, January 19, 2007

Like You and Me, Only Better

This is pretty outrageous, and I really can't post many details about it but ...

I work with a woman who was abused by her fiance. He happens to be a cop, working here in DC for a federal police force. She left him, and has a temporary restraining order against him (which was issued by a Prince Georges, Maryland county court).

Last night, he violated the restraining order. When she got (luckily safely) away from him, she reached a phone and pulled out the restraining order and called the number on it.

Someone answered. Told her that no one was around, there wasn't anything they could do because the office was mostly closed for the night, and that she should come by the police station to file a report in the morning.

I've offerred her a gun (as well as some sane legal guidance since her local PG county attorney is pretty worthless) though thats probably illegal since Maryland (and DC) are both pretty much opposed to women defending themselves.

I'm trying to get her to move to Virginia.

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