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Saturday, January 24, 2004

Sickness and Health

Well, its cold and flurrying here in D.C. today. Northern parts of town picked up the tail end of what appears to be some lake effect snow coming down from the Midwest. We just had a dusting in McLean this morning. Tomorrow though, we are due for what in D.C. is a sizeable storm - 4-8 inches. If it hits, it will probably close things down on Monday. Good grief.

Anyway, I was hoping to post a bunch of stuff today, and I still may - but my son was up sick last night and we've got a doctors appointment at 10:30. He's been sick most of the week, but its a weird sickness. During the day he is his usual extroverted self, but at night, he just keeps vomiting and cant hold anything down. I don't know what it is, but its got me concerned. I do hope he is alright though.

Tomorrow we were planning to go to the new Air and Space Museum out by Dulles Airport. Right now that is on hold, pending the doctor's recommendation.

Anyway, at some point today I hope to put some things up about D.C.'s Mayor for Life Marion Barry, that racist fool, and ex mayor from New York, David Dinkins, my run in with abortion protesters the other day, a review of the presidential candidates and an analysis of their debate the other night. If we go to the Air and Space place, look for some nice photos. I can't wait to prominently place a picture of the Enola Gay in my title bar.


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