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Friday, February 27, 2004


As annoying as some people are and as heated as the disagreements are, one thing I really do like about our system over other parlimentary systems (england, for example) if that our representatives maintain a certain amount of respect and decorum while on the floor and are always calling each other friends and respectable. At the end of the day, these guys really are chummy. Its a small club and whatever their disagrements and whatever tricks they are up to behind the scenes, most of them genuinly respect each other.

Whenever I see it occur, I retain hope for the future.

Leahy, is talking about a helicopter trip to jungles in the mountains of Nicaragua and discussing a kid who lost his leg to a landmine and the kid didnt know whether it was planted by a Sandanista or Contra. All the kid knew was that he lost his leg. Its actually a rather touching story. Leahy is a good orator.

Someone just completly interupted, didnt see what happened, but there was a bit of a disturbance. Leahy is a little ticked off.


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