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Thursday, February 26, 2004

Gun Safety Device Vote

Here's the info on Boxers Amendment. Sorry it passed, but do not worry. It passed overwhelmingly, but it is bound to be stripped out in conference and there will be no recorded vote on its inclusion. Yes, those who voted here are wimps, trying to have it both ways, but that is politics. The Conference will be controlled by Republicans and unlike the energy bill, which barely passed the Senate, they will not be able to filibuster the Lawful Commerce In Arms Act.

This won't be on the bill voted out of congress and sent to the president, though it will be included in the Senate version sent to conference.

Gun Liability - Gun Safety Devices

Feb. 26, 2004 Senate Roll Call Vote 17 S 1805

Boxer, D-Calif., amendment no. 2620 that would prohibit the sale or transfer of handguns by a licensed manufacturer, importer or dealer unless a secure gun storage or safety device is provided for each handgun. It would exempt gun transfers to U.S. or state government agencies and law enforcement officials. It would provide civil liability exemptions for individuals who legally possess a handgun and use a secure gun storage or safety device. It also would impose penalties of up to $2,500 and license suspension or revocation for manufacturers, dealers or importers who sell a handgun without such locking devices.

Adopted by a vote of 70-27:
Republicans 25-25
Democrats 44-2 (Northern Democrats 37-1, Southern Democrats 7-1)
Independents 1-0
Note: Before adoption, the Senate adopted by voice vote the Kohl, D-Wis., second-degree amendment no. 2622 to the Boxer amendment no. 2620.

YEAS (70)


Bennett (UT) Frist (TN) Roberts (KS)
Brownback (KS) Grassley (IA) Santorum (PA)
Chafee (RI) Gregg (NH) Smith, G. (OR)
Cochran (MS) Hagel (NE) Snowe (ME)
Coleman (MN) Hutchison, K. (TX) Stevens (AK)
Collins, S. (ME) Lugar (IN) Voinovich (OH)
DeWine (OH) McCain (AZ) Warner (VA)
Domenici (NM) McConnell (KY)
Fitzgerald (IL) Murkowski, L. (AK)

Akaka (HI) Dodd (CT) Lieberman (CT)
Baucus, M. (MT) Dorgan (ND) Lincoln (AR)
Bayh (IN) Durbin (IL) Mikulski (MD)
Biden (DE) Feingold (WI) Murray (WA)
Bingaman (NM) Feinstein (CA) Nelson, Ben (NE)
Boxer (CA) Graham, B. (FL) Nelson, Bill (FL)
Breaux (LA) Harkin (IA) Pryor (AR)
Byrd (WV) Hollings (SC) Reed, J. (RI)
Cantwell (WA) Inouye (HI) Reid, H. (NV)
Carper (DE) Kennedy, E. (MA) Rockefeller (WV)
Clinton (NY) Kohl (WI) Sarbanes (MD)
Conrad (ND) Landrieu (LA) Schumer (NY)
Corzine (NJ) Lautenberg (NJ) Stabenow (MI)
Daschle (SD) Leahy (VT) Wyden (OR)
Dayton (MN) Levin, C. (MI)

Jeffords (VT)

NAYS (27)


Alexander, L. (TN) Crapo (ID) Nickles (OK)
Allard (CO) Dole (NC) Sessions, J. (AL)
Allen, G. (VA) Ensign (NV) Shelby (AL)
Bond (MO) Enzi (WY) Specter (PA)
Bunning (KY) Graham, L. (SC) Sununu (NH)
Burns, C. (MT) Hatch (UT) Talent (MO)
Chambliss (GA) Inhofe (OK) Thomas, C. (WY)
Cornyn (TX) Kyl (AZ)
Craig (ID) Lott (MS)

Johnson, Tim (SD) Miller, Z. (GA)


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