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Monday, February 16, 2004

Light Postings

Since its President's Weekend, I've been away from the computer more than normal. Yesterday I took a trip up to Long Island to visit the family (Hi Caroline!) and today the wife and child and myself went to visit one of the few acceptable expenditures of federal monies, the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. Of course, we didn't head into D.C. to see the long established headquarters of the museum; rather, I finally made it to the new Steven F. Udvar Hazy Annex right here in Fairfax, VA.

Sadly, my digital camera appears to not be working and I won't be able to post the pictures of all the great planes we saw, including:

1. The Enola Gay
2. An SR-71 Blackbird
3. A Curtis P-40 Warhawk, complete with shark teeth
4. A Lockhead P-38
5. A Junkers

Oh, and they also have the Space Shuttle Enterprise there ... in case you like to see really impressive planes.

I will return again and again and again ... most likely this and the next weekend ... armed not only with a new camera but also a camcorder to better record the significant machines on exhibit. I highly recommend a trip there, and would suggest arriving early. There is lots to see, and while you can see most everything in about an hour, to really enjoy it I would budget closer to three or four per visit. After visiting of course, you can drive 4 miles down the road and shoot to your hearts content at the National Rifle Association's Headquarters Range. Afterward, or before, make sure to check out the National Firearms Museum.