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Thursday, February 19, 2004

Menopausal Ad Campaign

Katie O'Beirne comments on the Bush campaigns theme of "Steady Leadership in a Time of Change. I agree with her completley, "Stong Leadership" is a much more desirable theme than "steady leadership."

I was watching Marc Racicot on Fox News last night (I think it was on Hannity and Colmes) and heard him repeat the phrase "steady leadership" at least half a dozen times. With each repetition I become more and more irked. Instead of the down home, ordinary guy, fighting for America image that people like in W, this strange phrasing comes off as if its straight from the Clinton book of media manipulative lines. However, far worse than being straight out of the book of Clinton, it makes W. look weak.

In the War On Terror, American does not need steady leadership. Instead, we need Strong leadership. We know that Bush will stay on course, but we need to remind people that the course to follow is one of strength.

John Kerry can also claim he will provide steady leadership (though based on his voting record its not as easy to do). His main problem is going to be that he is steadily in opposition to fighting back against our enemies and has worn that steady opposition on his sleave for 30 years.

This year, this difference between the candidates will be what ultimately decides the election. By insisting on the phrase steady over strong, W. is throwing away his most overriding advantage in the campaign.


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