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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

More Boobenfreude

The New York Times has a great story on Boobenfreude today. They raise a number of interesting points, but seem to believe that CBS might be telling the truth but is unfortunatly falling victim to Boy Who Cried Wolf disease.

As the Times sees it, and I agree, to truly show remorse both the NFL and CBS need to take actions which showcase their dedication to integrity over ratings. In my case, its all about Truth In Advertising. Either you are family friendly fair or you are not. The Times, surprisingly, seems more caught up in the morals of the affair.

None the less, I think their suggestion that the NFL cease to rely upon an auction for the broadcast rights, and instead employee a balancing test of networks that meet their needs is a good start. CBS, they think, can redeem itself by simply cancelling its broadcast of the Grammys. Since, in my experience, people usually don't watch these media self congradulatory events, I don't think thats nearly enough. Sure, its a start, but absent major heads rolling (Moonves and McGrath to begin with) I don't see any guarantee this won't happen again.

These people are like children. They need to be treated as such. When a child does something bad you punish them. if you don't, they will continue to act in a progressively worse manner untill they end up in jail. Imposing a fine, or canceling a single broadcast, is simply a slap on the wrist for these spoiled, self important, multi millionaire brats.

If the NFL wants to show how serious it is, nothing less than the immediate dismissal (preferrably for cause and without payment of their golden parachutes) of top CBS execs will do.


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