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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Shouldn't we call it the John Kerry Award

Sorry for just getting to this, but I hate the pro-bowl. Anyway, in his season ending, post Pro Bowl, Tuesday Morning Quarterback column, Gregg Easterbrook hands out awards for the worst predictions of the previous season. One, by Washington's own Joe Theisman, deserves what from heretofore shall be known as the John Kerry Award:

Having it both ways: On the same day that he predicted Bucs over Pats in the ESPN meta-forecast, Joe Theismann predicted Pats over Bucs in his own column. So Joe "predicted" the correct Super Bowl winner, but also predicted the incorrect Super Bowl winner.

Easterbrook also hands out a couple of bad prediction awards to the New York Times. The first concerns their Iraq war predictions.

Bonus bad prediction! A week after American and British forces entered Iraq, the New York Times editorial page declared, "At this point the odds favor Saddam."

Where is the investigation into the Times post Iraq entry intelligence? The injustice! The injustice!

The second, of course could serve as runner up in the John Kerry Award contest:

In one place in a two-page spread of NFL predictions, the New York Times said the Giants would win the NFC championship. In another place in the same spread, the same paper said the Bucs "will repeat" as NFC champions.


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