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Thursday, February 26, 2004

Those Pesky Amendments

OK, sorry I missed the evenings debate but I do have a family to attend to.
I am going to start posting the results of todays amendments, because I don't think any other blogger has them up yet. The formating isn't going to be the best, so please forgive me, and just be thankful I can bring you the rolls.

I already dealt with Boxer's trigger lock amendment. The next up is the Unemployment Compensation amendment.

This one was defeated 58-39. The defeat was actually closer than this vote indicates. Since it involved a waiver of the budget act it needed a 2/3 majority to pass - or 60 votes. It fell 2 votes short. I've already posted my thoughts on the extension of unemployment rights.

YEAS (58)


Bond (MO) 
Dole (NC) 
Snowe (ME) 

Chafee (RI) 
McCain (AZ) 
Specter (PA) 

Collins, S. (ME) 
Murkowski, L. (AK) 
Talent (MO) 

DeWine (OH) 
Smith, G. (OR) 
Voinovich (OH) 


Akaka (HI) 
Dodd (CT) 
Levin, C. (MI) 

Baucus, M. (MT) 
Dorgan (ND) 
Lieberman (CT) 

Bayh (IN) 
Durbin (IL) 
Lincoln (AR) 

Biden (DE) 
Feingold (WI) 
Mikulski (MD) 

Bingaman (NM) 
Feinstein (CA) 
Murray (WA) 

Boxer (CA) 
Graham, B. (FL) 
Nelson, Ben (NE) 

Breaux (LA) 
Harkin (IA) 
Nelson, Bill (FL) 

Byrd (WV) 
Hollings (SC) 
Pryor (AR) 

Cantwell (WA) 
Inouye (HI) 
Reed, J. (RI) 

Carper (DE) 
Johnson, Tim (SD) 
Reid, H. (NV) 

Clinton (NY) 
Kennedy, E. (MA) 
Rockefeller (WV) 

Conrad (ND) 
Kohl (WI) 
Sarbanes (MD) 

Corzine (NJ) 
Landrieu (LA) 
Schumer (NY) 

Daschle (SD) 
Lautenberg (NJ) 
Stabenow (MI) 

Dayton (MN) 
Leahy (VT) 
Wyden (OR) 


Jeffords (VT) 

NAYS (39)


Alexander, L. (TN) 
Domenici (NM) 
Lott (MS) 

Allard (CO) 
Ensign (NV) 
Lugar (IN) 

Allen, G. (VA) 
Enzi (WY) 
McConnell (KY) 

Bennett (UT) 
Fitzgerald (IL) 
Nickles (OK) 

Brownback (KS) 
Frist (TN) 
Roberts (KS) 

Bunning (KY) 
Graham, L. (SC) 
Santorum (PA) 

Burns, C. (MT) 
Grassley (IA) 
Sessions, J. (AL) 

Chambliss (GA) 
Gregg (NH) 
Shelby (AL) 

Cochran (MS) 
Hagel (NE) 
Stevens (AK) 

Coleman (MN) 
Hatch (UT) 
Sununu (NH) 

Cornyn (TX) 
Hutchison, K. (TX) 
Thomas, C. (WY) 

Craig (ID) 
Inhofe (OK) 
Warner (VA) 

Crapo (ID) 
Kyl (AZ) 


Miller, Z. (GA) 





Campbell (CO)  ?


Edwards, J. (NC)  ?
Kerry, J. (MA)  ?



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