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Sunday, March 21, 2004

Fleetwood Mac

Douglas Wolk asks the question Why is Fleetwood Mac the least influential great band ever? over at Slate.
Rumours (Warner Bros., 1977) is one of the best-selling records ever, recently certified at 19 million copies and counting in the United States; Fleetwood Mac (Reprise, 1975) and Tusk (Warner Bros., 1979) went multiplatinum, too. "Landslide," "Never Going Back Again," and "Dreams" have been radio staples for decades. And yet almost nobody has tried ripping off Fleetwood Mac's basic sound and style—even unsuccessfully. Dozens of hit records have been derived from Led Zeppelin and Shania Twain and Michael Jackson; the only Fleetwood Mac pastiche that comes to mind is the Magnetic Fields' 1999 joke "No One Will Ever Love You." Bonnie Tyler and Courtney Love have tried to evoke the white-winged-dove essence of singer Stevie Nicks—but Stevie Nicks is not the same thing as Fleetwood Mac.
While I agree with Wolk that no one is ever going to try to mimic the sorry lot that were the mid 70s easy listening muzak Fleetwood Crap, I think he is simply wrong to charecterize them as the least influential great band.
While I am glad to see he acknowledges their rich, pre mid 70s cheeseball music past, his appreciation for it is questionable.
They'd started out as a straight-up British blues-revival band, a sort of cut-rate Cream. (The band's first single, back in 1967, was "I Believe My Time Ain't Long," a verbatim rip-off of Elmore James' "Dust My Broom.") Over the next eight years, they drifted into psychedelia, had a huge U.K. hit with an instrumental called "Albatross," lost their first three singer-guitarists, respectively, to burnout, madness, and a cult, gained singer-keyboardist Christine Perfect (subsequently McVie), and burned through a few more frontmen.
Cut rate Cream? Rip Offs?? Come on, what is this guy smoking ... or snorting? This description completly misses the importance of the early Fleetwood Mac and why the 70s easy snoozing version pales in comparison.

That original Fleetwood Mac, Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac is perhaps the most influential rock band outside of the Beatles. Without the smackdown Peter Green gave all his fellow mid 60s guitar peers rock and roll would not exist as we know it. BB King said of Peter Green, "He was the only man to ever make me sweat." Not something you hear about cut rate rip offs everyday.

In fact, the connection with Cream hardly strikes one as simply cut rate. Peter Green replaced God, Eric Clapton (also of Cream), in John Mayall's Bluesbreakers and filled those shoes with enough grace and confidence to win over skeptical London blues hipsters and earn the title of greatest white blues guitarist ever. He then left to form the blues extravaganza known as Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac, at the time the most popular blue based rock act in London (and Europe for that matter) though like many others they never really pushed themselves on the US (and certainly didn't push to sell albums like Clapton and Cream did). In fact, Clapton has relayed in the past an amusing recollection of meeting Peter Green some time after the Bluesbreaker years and telling him he would never be famous and sell alot of records if he didn't alter his appearance. Of coruse, Green was never interested in selling lots of records or being famous and the resulting fame he achieved had a horrid impact on his health and well being.

Who did he inspire?
Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac provided the inspiration and lubrication for Carlos Sanatana's career and his cover of the Peter Green song Black Magic Women made him a star and completly energized the woodstock generation in the states. Jimi Hendrix? Only after arriving in Peter Green's London did he learn how to turn his career on. The Yardbirds and Jimmy Page and Led Zepplin? All they wanted to do was play as heavy and hard as Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac.

Simply stated, All that is hard hitting and heavy blues based rock and roll from 1966 forward is influenced by the original and still the best Fleetwood Mac. And of course, Peter Green taught generations of rockers how to blow it all as well ... through drug abuse, nervous breakdowns, and running off and giving away all your money to weird cults.

Update: A reader emails to say Wham! and George Michael have sold nearly as many records and you would be hard pressed to find anyone citing them as an influence for anything. Good Point!

Richard Clarke

I watched most of the Richard Clarke interview on 60 minutes. It just strikes me as more of the general left wing smear campaign. He blames Bush for not focusing more on his pet issue within the first 200 days of the administration, but has NOTHING bad to say (and actually quite alot of good to say) about how he handled the situation when he worked for Clinton.

Sure, he claims he was also employed by Reagan and Bush I, but that doesn't mean he's not a liberal dem. Remember, Reagan was a Dem too once and back in the days of the Cold War party affiliation didn't matter like it does now ... Reagan was swept to power on the back of the Reagan Dems, so that connection isn't enough to not write Clarke off as a political hack. Plus, it turns out he teaches a class at Harvard with Kerry's top foreign policy advisor.

This guy shouldn't be getting 30 seconds worth of attention, leave it to 60 minutes to once again make something out of nothing. Still, the blame on Clarkes existance ultimatly rests with Bush. He still hasn't weeded out the Clintonistas within the administration. We have seen the horrible damage they continue to do to him on the environment front . . . Bush should have fired each and every one the day he took over. His failure to is going to cause alot more heatache between now and election day as other political hacks like Clarke come out and are spun as Bush insiders turning tale in disgust. watch, it will happen and let it be a lesson to future administrations.


What a basketball weekend, with two number 1 teams falling to Yellowhammer State schools. First, he had the Alabama Crimson Tide ROLLLLLLLING over Stanford and today the University of Alabama, Birmingham BLAAAZED Kentucky to reach Sweet 16.

Generally, in all things Bama I say BUCK FAMA ... but with the Vols perenial no shows in the NCAA tourney I'm left rooting for our underdog SEC teams like Bama and Vanderbilt who shocked N.C. State to advance as well.

Good Job SEC! Good Job Alabama . . .

Ya know, the wife's been talking about moving there as well. . .hmmm. . . .

Nuclear Al Quada

So, Osama Bin Asshole is now claiming to have nukes. I guess I'm not surprised ... though I am surprised they haven't used them yet if they reallly have them. Of course, they are probably waiting for just the right moment. They do seem fairly deliberate in their actions.

All of this though begs the ultimate question ... if they have admitted to 9/11 in which airborne planes flew into buildings killing thousands of people, and now talk about having the ultimate weapons of mass destruction ... doesn't that justify our actions in the middle east so far and even more so, just how foolish does John "DYKWIA" Kerry feel after this exchange at the South Carolina debate
BROKAW:Senator Kerry, let me ask you a question. Robert Kagan, who writes about these issues a great deal from the Carnegie Institute for Peace, has written recently that Europeans believe that the Bush administration has exaggerated the threat of terrorism, and the Bush administration believes that the Europeans simply don't get it.

Who is right?

KERRY: I think it's somewhere in between. I think that there has been an exaggeration and there has been a refocusing...

BROKAW: Where has the exaggeration been in the threat on terrorism?

KERRY: Well, 45 minutes deployment of weapons of mass destruction, number one.

Aerial vehicles to be able to deliver materials of mass destruction, number two.

I mean, I -- nuclear weapons, number three.

I could run a long list of clear misleading, clear exaggeration. The linkage to Al Qaida, number four.

I Hate DC

Actually, I hate the people here in Northern Virginia. McLean in particular. While the wife and I love to eat at McLean Family Restaurant and go there too much, I have a tough time stomaching the average self important, full of themselves, northern virginian. The average one is bad enough, but here in McLean they tend to be rich beyond your wildest dreams which makes them even more annoying. The wives really send me up a wall and its got the wife and I looking for better places to raise our son. Anyway, after being subjected to the whench next to us at breakfast today, a move to New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project seems quite alright although in reality, we will probably move somewhere warmer, like Georgia ... the coast near Savanaha really excites me.

Takings: The Evils of Eminent Domain

The Future of Freedom Foundation has posted Sheldon Richman's Takings: The Evils of Eminent Domain online. I highly recommend it for anyone fighting excessive government action.

Buckethead Quits

Guns And Roses guitarist Buckethead is quitting the band after 4 years.

He's going to pursue his solo career (what career?). According to the Rolling Stone article, he was tired of delays and doing nothing over the last four years.

Well, I can understand that, and aside from 2 or 3 concert appearances in 4 years, I don't know what the band has done. I guess Axl Rose made so much money early on that he can hire these guys and pay them and then not do anything.

The rich are clearly different.

Buckethead, for his part, at least shows some sense of motivation and a desire to advance his career. Actually, he is a pretty good guitarist and was quite popular on the weird jam band heavy metal club circuit before joining GnR. He often plays with the Primus people. Hmmmm...maybe thats a good song lyric direction. . . .

Identity Hounds - Theft and Libel

The Atlanta Journal Constitution has an interesting article on internet identity tracking. They touch on the usual subjects, identity theft, increased risk of violent crimes from the data being freely available, etc. However, what struck me as most alarming was the on at least one companies report they list things such as sexual practices. For the guy the article was about, this company gave him a score of 73 and stated he had a "tendency to cheat." Of course, they guy was married for 18 years and while he claims never to have cheated, the reporting agency refuses to disclose how they created that profile.

This doesn't really surprise me, as the greatest use of this type of information is probably to assist private eye detectives in divorce proceedings. If you can come back with a reported "tendency to cheat" you creat more work for the private eye, who in turn uses you more.

Crunchy Conservatives

Sara Hempel directed me to this great Rod Dreher piece on Crunchy Conservatives. It accurately describes much of what my wife and I like (though she is more partial to AC/DC and Lynyd Skynyrd than to the jazz and bluegrass I listen to on public radio). Its sort of in line with my previous writings on the topic here and here.

The Oval Room

Sandefur flew from Sacremento to D.C. for the choclate bread pudding at the Oval Room. Hmm, its right across the street from me but I've never eating there. I did take a client to the Equinox the other day though. Rockfish on Pollenta. Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm. And its right next to the Oval Room.

Educational Quagmire

Is the tide finally turning?

At least one paper knows where to lay the blame for suppresing conservative speach - right at school officials who prevented an anti gay speaker from making a presentation at a diversity forum. The school has been ordered to pay the students legal fees. Good. The Detroit Free Press sums it up nicely
The high school soft-pedaled its actions, arguing that it was interested only in exerting some control over the content of the discussion. The school's lawyer also said officials wanted to present a positive message and encourage tolerance.

Encourage tolerance?

You don't do that by suppressing viewpoints, even if those viewpoints themselves are intolerant. Choosing what viewpoints are acceptable, even with the best of intentions, defeats the purpose of an informational forum.

Schools should know better. Muzzling a viewpoint provides a bad civics lesson for students.

In this case, it provided a costly lesson for the school as well.

Those crazy Brits

It seems that a British Lesbian sold her virginity to pay for college.

Um...I always thought educational loan officers were a lot like pimps . . .this just further confirms that feeling.

Aren't we at 16 minutes yet?

Turns out that even horses don't like loud mouthed obnoxious worthless sluts like Paris Hilton. And this is newsworthy because?????

Local Blog Flavor

Something new I was thinking about adding to the page is a link to local blogs that best express all the flavors of Washington, D.C. Of course, on my blogroll I have the In My Neighborhood section where I link to the D.C. Metro Blog Map. They are both great resources (especially the blog map) but what I really want to do is take some time to point out local blogs that give a feel for D.C. to people that aren't necessarily from here or even have been here. And if they have, most people don't leave the well guarded federally controlled downtown area and miss lots of what makes the place unique. In that reqard, I am going to start with NOvaSlim. His topics aren't really my cup of tea, but froma design stanpoint, I find his blog well put together and something I hope to emulate when the overhaul finally goes up.

Beyond the visual sight though, Nova slim also fits represents another flavor - his is the only blog I could find thats from the heart of DC - anacostia. Well, its not really from there, in fact, i think he is from maryland, however, his metro stop = Southern Ave - is the closest I could get to Anacostia - the long neglected South Eastern part of DC - home to gangs, guns, drugs, and abject poverty and a place that Teddy Kennedy didn't want to fix the schools.

Check Nova slim out ... and check out some of his blog friends. It'll give you a great clue into what else is going down in DC outside of the federalais.

Hired Guns In Iraq

Esquire has a great article on civilian security contractors in Iraq. I used to represent some of these guys over here. They are as bad ass as this article makes them out to be.

My client at the time had the contract to provide construction security services for U.S. Embassies. Essentially, while the Marines guarded the base proper, my clients employees would guard any construction sites at the embassy as well as inspect and secure all building materials (and review building plans) It was pretty specialized work and historically required lots of super special secret security clearances. My client was a former marine special forces type . . . as were all his employees. He also had a number of former SeaBees and Army Corps engineer types on his staff.

Anyway, near the end of the Clinton Administration Madeline Albright designated a new contracting officer for this division and this guy (an african american fellow) decided that when the contract was renewed he would give it to someone with no security clearance or security experience (outside of providing rent a cop security for a local shopping center). In fact, he awarded it to a company that up to that point had provided janitorial and lunch room services for schools. His sole basis was that they were a minority contractor (and he assumed an air of moral racial superiority over my otherwise pigment challenged client). Of course, he was also good friends with the owner.

We challenged the award, had it thrown out, and then the same guy (with the permission of Albrights office) decided to change the contract requirements so that possession of security clearances were not required and the minimum experience factor dropped from 5-10 years to 1 year for non supervisory positions. We again challenged them, but lost in the court of federal claims based solely on the State Department wrapping itself in the American flag. The courts opinion was clearly wrong, but by that time, the client wasn't really interested in this contact anymore and had better things to pursue with his time, so we never properly appealed it.

Oh well, it would have been fun. To the best of my knowledge, btw, Heritage Services still has the construction security contract (though it should be coming up for renewal in a year or two).

Update: Someone asked why I mentioned the contracting officer was african american. Good point. I mentioned it because he decided to make the contract a minority set aside contract, a line I originally left out of the post. Nothing else was to be inferred from it. I've actually updated and corrected the error in this post. Unlike the New York Times I actually encourage commentary and am willing to correct my mistakes.

Good Ol' Fairfax County

Seems that the liberal twits who run Fairfax County have know decreed that the founding fathers were pure from sexual distraction.

Ummm, yeah . . . and its just a coincidence that the Father of the Nation George Washington seems to have slept in every historic home from here to Boston ...

And its not like this is even stuff thats gonna make Michael Powell ban it from the airwaves ... what the liberal twits on the Fairfax School Board are upset about is this exchange in the movie 1776.
Jefferson is balking at staying in Philadelphia to write the declaration and protests to Adams: "I've not seen my wife in six months."

Adams responds, "You write 10 times better than any man in Congress, including me. For a man of only 33 years, you possess a happy talent for composition and a remarkable felicity of expression. Now, will you be a patriot . . . or a lover?"

Jefferson, clearly preferring the latter, says he "burns" for his wife, at home in Virginia.
Ye Gads

Saturday, March 20, 2004

I hate the washington post

Its bad enough that the most blatantly racist paper in the world is only capable of half assed journalism, but this new F'ing registration crap simply blows. I HATE THE WASHINGTON POST.

Register, Register, Register and still I have trouble reading the F'ing articles (which I need to for work)


Friday, March 19, 2004

Alex Kozinski

I'm working on a presentation I need to make next week on what weight of evidence means to federal regulators in deciding what they areas they will expand their authority into.

While doing some research, I ran into what is surely one of the coolest sites I've seen on the internet . . .The Unofficial Judge Alex Kozinski Site

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Three Card Monty

Three Card Monty is the game scamsters used to play on the street corners of Times Square - you know the one, where they show you three cards and mix them up. You pick one and have to find it. Well, sometimes instead of cards, they would use a coconut shell with some trinket under it (a rock or something) It seems Shell Oil was caught again hiding the goods - or in this case, claiming something was there when it wasn't. As I said yesterday, this is going to turn out to be as big, if not bigger, then Worldcom, Healthsouth, ImClone/Marth Stewart when its all over. Might even surpass Enron - especially if the administration ... come October ... is looking for an easy and painless way to stick it to oil companies and prove that they aren't in the petro industries back pocket.

If I was an executive at Shell, I would be protecting my assests and looking for a lawyer ... a good lawyer, not one of the big firm fools who charges alot but never gets anything done ... they need serious criminal defense attorneys.

The UN's Crime Against Humanity

The Wall Street Journal has a great Editorial on the Oil For Food Scandal at the U.N. It will be interesting to see what becomes of Henry Hydes investigation. I, though, am still convinced that everyone caught up in it (including lead crook Kofi Annan) ought to be arested by the U.S. military and given over to the Iraqi people to be tried for crimes against humanity along with Saddam and his local cronies.

Hopefully, this will spell the end of the farce that is the U.N.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Back In The Day . . .

they would hang you (if they didn't shoot you) for stealing someones cattle. In the new, progressively more wussy United States, we just call it an acceptable federal response to a grazing dispute centered on whether the federal government has yet again illegally taken someones grazing rights.
Authorities began rounding up some 400 cattle from Laney's 146,000-acre Diamond Bar Ranch last week after a judge found the rancher and his ex-wife, Sherry, in contempt of court for grazing cattle in the Gila National Forest in violation of earlier court rulings. . . . .

While many ranchers in the West lease federal land for grazing and other uses, the Laneys, who bought the ranch in 1985, do not hold a lease for the Gila land. They contend they have grazing rights based on historical use of the land predating the forest's creation in 1964.

Thank god there are still men out there willing to stand up for whats right and protect whats theirs.
It took four officers to wrestle a kicking Kit Laney, 43, to the ground Sunday night, according to a federal criminal complaint released Monday. . . .

Laney yelled profanities while charging his horse toward three Forest Service officers who were guarding an enclosure holding some of Laney's seized cattle.

The complaint said one of the officers injured his knee and shin when he was knocked off his feet.

Laney then taunted the officers and tried to remove fencing the government is using to temporarily hold his cattle, the complaint said.

"Whenever the officers approached Laney, he guided his horse in their direction, threatening to ram or trample them," according to the complaint.

Laney was also accused of using his leather reins to thrash one of the workers conducting the roundup. . . .

After Laney dismounted, one officer used pepper spray but Laney, wearing spurs on his boots, started kicking, the complaint said. Four officers finally subdued him on the ground.
Kit, if I was still practicing, I'd love to represent you. In the meantime, if you ever come to D.C. the beers on me.

The Federal Anti Dog Agency

Banning Dogs is just another reason to despise the misguided beauracrats at the Fish and Wildlife Service.
Dogs will no longer be allowed in the national wildlife refuges of Ninigret, in Charlestown, and Sachuest Point, in Middletown, and the refuge on Block Island will probably follow suit, an official of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said yesterday.

The decision to ban dogs, effective April 4, stems from concerns that dogs disturb the nests of birds, alarm park visitors, and leave feces throughout the refuges.

The ban means the 408-acre Ninigret and the 242-acre Sachuest Point refuges now join the John H. Chafee and Trustom Pond refuges in Narragnasett and South Kingstown as those that do not allow dogs.

He said that nests have been harmed by dogs, with some birds abandoning ground nests altogether after dogs have visited them. A primary goal for the state's refuges is to manage shrub and grassland -- lands that are popular breeding grounds for wild turkeys and woodcocks, whose nests are easily disturbed by dogs, he said.
Its ironic that this would happen in a refuge named for John Chafee since I can't believe either he or his son would ever approve of such an awfully overbroad regulation. I mean, doesn't a pooper scooper and leash law take care of this problem, entirly. Combined with some hefty fines, I cant image the need for it.
At one time the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service considered allowing dogs on leashes, but that plan was scrapped after officials expressed concern that many dog owners would not keep their dogs leashed. Between 25 percent and 40 percent of dog owners who visit the refuges currently do not keep their dogs on leashes, according to staff.
Yeah, but see, the problem is without a leash law no one is going to leash their dog. How the hell can they derive an idea on how many will break the law (from an otherwise older and law abiding population) when the sample they are looking at is in 100% accordance with the law. Wouldn't a trial run be in order? Maybe some more extensive polling or survey results? An educational campaign? Oh, thats right, I forgot these are the same assholes who closed Moonstone Beach (a local nude beach) because they feared that naked bathers would have a romp in the dunes and disturb nests. . . . not that there was EVER a problem with this in the past.

Just another reason to disband this needless and unconstitutional, hairtrigger arm of the federal beauracracy and return these lands to the states and/or private citizens.

Northern Virginia - Unplanned and Unorganized

I'mnot sure how I feel about another 570 new homes being constructed in Tysons Corner.

On the one hand, the town homes will all be over $700k and further to the new metro than mine. . .meaning that the value of my townhome is bound to go up some more (I'm betting it tops $500k this summer and hits $750 by the time the metro is complete in 6 years).

On the other hand, the last thing McLean and Tysons Corner needs are more cars and more traffic, leading inevitably to more calls for Tax Increases to fund new road construction.

I just don't know. I think, generally, though that this is a bad bad idea, and I certainly wouldn't want to live where they are going up. Good thing I commute into DC and not the other way to Tysons Corner - my 10 mile drive downtown is invariably shorter at rush hour than the 1 mile drive to Tysons will be (or is). Still, a sucker is born every minute and people will snap these up in a jiffy.

Corporate Scandal

Keep a watch out for this and expect Shell's overestimantation of oil reserves to turn into a bigger corporate scandal than Worldcom or Martha Stewart with high profile indictments coming just before the election (and in conjunction with the Kenneth Lay indictment).
Two months ago, the company lowered its estimates of proven oil and gas reserves by about 20 percent, or 3.9 billion barrels. Company documents from two years ago show that current and former top executives were aware of a significant shortfall in reserves and came up with an "external storyline" and "investor relations script" that minimized its significance.

Two weeks ago, the group dismissed its chairman, Sir Philip Watts, and its head of exploration and production, Walter van de Vijver.
If they do the right thing, this is a great opportunity for Bush to show he isn't beholden to oil and gas companies (regardless of what the enviros say) and he is as tough on corporate crime as he is on violent crime.

Kofi Annan - Genocidal Murderer?

When will Kofi Annan, and the rest of his U.N. cronies, be turned over to the Iraqi people to suffer the cruel fate they justly deserve? Inquiring minds want to know?

And John Kerry wants to turn our country over to these people? Ye gads!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wictory Wednesday

So, does the thought that our sworn enemies support and campaign for John Kerry frighten you? Does the thought of a candidate who ONLY votes for gun bans and fails to perform every other task in his job as a Senator tick you off? Has that John Kerry got your blood boiling in a rage.

Well, do not despair. There is hope and there are things you can do!

Don't Get Mad. Get Even!

Today is Wictory Wednesday. Every Wednesday from now till election day, I will ask my readers to volunteer and/or donate to the Bush campaign if they haven't done so already. And if you have volunteered and donated, then get a friend to join you. It's the only way to defeat the lying liberal media and their special interest pandering whores in Congress and in the Kerry Campaign.

If you're a blogger, you can join Wictory Wednesday simply by putting up a post like this every Wednesday, asking your readers to volunteer and/or donate to the president's re-election campaign.

Site Updates

Well, no site updates yet . . . I am trying to redraft the html and have been testing out various blogging software packages. I think I have an idea of which direction to move to but havn't made a final decision yet.

Look for it soon.

I'm Back

Well, I'm back. Florida was interesting but tiring. I arrived late on Monday after traveling all day, ate dinner and went to bed, since the event on Tuesday was starting at 6:00 am. Yep, thats right. The thing started at 6:00! The most important panel discussion was actually from 7:15 till 9:00 . . . after that, everything else was of secondary importance. Anyway, I don't have any pics as I left my camera at home ... sorry. If you want to see what it looks like in Ft. Lauderdale in March, check out this site.

Is The ACLU Against Free Speach?

Daniel Pipes is asking that question after the National Field Director of the ACLU lead a protest during his speach at American University.

Monday, March 15, 2004

Sad Monday Song Lyric

Dave Blood, the bassist for one of my favorite groups as a child, the Dead Milkmen, has commited suicide.

In his honor, here are the lyrics to their greatest song.

Bitchin' Camaro

Rod - Hey Jack, what's happenin'?
Joe - Oh, I don't know.
Rod - Well, rumor around town says you think you might be heading down to the shore.
Joe - Uh, yeah, I think I'm goin' down to the shore.
Rod - Whatcha gonna do down there?
Joe - Uh, I don't know, play some video games, buy some Def Leppard t-shirts.
Rod - Hey, don't forget to get your Motley Crue t-shirt, y'know, all proceeds go to get their lead singer out of jail.
Joe - Uh huh.
Rod - Hey, you gonna check out the Sandbar while you're there?
Joe - Uh, what's the Sandbar?
Rod - Oh, it's this place that lets sixteen year-old kids drink.
Joe - Oh, cool.
Rod - Y'know who's gonna be there?
Joe - Uh, who?
Rod - My favorite cover band, Crystal Shit.
Joe - Oh.
Rod - Yeah, they do a Doors show, you'd be really impressed, in fact, it goes a little like this:

Love me two times baby
Love me twice today
Love me two times girl
Cause I got AIDS
Love me two times baby, once for tomorrow, once cause I got AIDS

Joe - Wow, Pretty good Jim Morrison impersonation there.
Rod - Yeah, I hope those guys have a good sense of humor and don't take us to court.
Joe - Uh, what's the court?
Rod - Never mind that,
Joe - Oh, you mean like the People's Court?
Rod - Well, that's another story; the important thing here is you gotta ask me how I'm gonna get down to the shore.
Joe - Uh, how you gonna get down to the shore?
Rod - Funny you should ask, I've got a car now.
Joe - Oh wow, how'd you get a car?
Rod - Oh my parents drove it up here from the Bahamas.
Joe - You're kidding!
Rod - I must be, the Bahamas are islands, okay, the important thing now, is that you ask me what kind of car I have.
Joe - Uh, what kinda car do ya' got?
Rod - I've got a BITCHIN CAMARO!

I ran over my neighbors
Now it's in all the papers.
My folks bought me a BITCHIN CAMARO with no insurance to match;
So if you happen to run me down, please don't leave a scratch.
I ran over some old lady one night at the county fair;
And I didn't get arrested, because my dad's the mayor.
Doughnuts on your lawn
Tony Orlando and Dawn
When I drive past the kids, they all spit and cuss,
Because I've got a BITCHIN CAMARO and they have to ride the bus.
So you'd better get out of my way, when I run through your yard;
Because I've got a BITCHIN CAMARO;
And an Exxon credit card.
Hey, man where ya headed?
I drive on unleaded.

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Gun Porn

Cowboy Shooting At Its Best!
The Marlin Lever Action 1894C

Caliber 357 Mag. / 38 Spl.*
Capacity 9-shot tubular magazine
ActionLever action with squared finger lever; side ejection; deeply blued metal surfaces;
solid top receiver; hammer block safety.
StockAmerican black walnut straight-grip stock; cut checkering; rubber rifle butt pad;
tough Mar-Shield finish; swivel studs.
Barrel18.5" with deep-cut Ballard-type rifling (6 grooves).
TwistRate 1:16"r.h.
SightsAdjustable semi-buckhorn folding rear, ramp front sight with brass bead and
Wide-Scan hood. Solid top receiver tapped for scope mount; offset hammer
spur (right or left hand) for scope use.
OverallLength 36"
Weight6 lbs.

Site Update, The Update

Well, this ended up being a pretty busy weekend. As you can see, I didn't get the major site upgrades up yet, but I am working on them. I'm going to be leaving in the morning for a business trip, so blogging will be light while I am on the road. If I can, I will try to get some things posted, most likely tomorrow night and Tuesday evening ... may even blog about the beach ... very Glenn Reynolds like.

Friday, March 12, 2004

Registered Foreign Agents

Glenn Reynolds and Eugene Volokh are trying to decipher exactly what Susan Lindauer was charged with. As Eugene points out, the press keeps calling her a spy but the indictment is not for espionage (besides, there is no way she would have access to sensitive information).

Glenn hits it on the head, charging that this is a case of media sloppiness, since the indictment is for being an unregistered foreign agent and not a spy. However, he doesn't appear to know exactly what she was doing (if it wasn't spying) that is criminal.

My guess (and I haven't seen the indictment) is that her communication with Andy Card (her second cousin) on behalf of the Iraqi government was the cause of the trouble.

Under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, 22 USC Section 611 any agent of a foreign principle (a foreign government, political party, person, organization, corporation, etc.) who engages in political activities or represents that principal before an agency or official of the U.S. government is required to register with the Department of Justice. Lobying without registering and/or filing your reports (including detailed statements of expenditures) is a criminal offense.

My educated guess is that having failed to register (and pay her fee and file her periodic reports) with DOJ, as soon as she contacted Andrew Card she was in violation of the act. In the grand scheme of things, if this is what happened, this is really a minor technical/paperwork violation. While the act was originally intended to counter the undue influence of german propaganda in the pre WWII days, today it serves mostly as a means of tracking lobbyists.

Whats ironic to me, at least, is that Takoma Park is home to so many typical whinning liberals who always scream about the need to crack down on lobbyists and keep better track of our activities. That it is potentially one of these crazed commies that gets caught in violation of the act is hilarious.

Lobbyists never fail to file these ... and when lobby reports are due EVERYONE in DC shuts down for a day or so as they fill them out. Its a big event and everyone knows when it happens . . . as much as we know when congress is out of session.

As an interesting aside, I once spent a week in a small office at Justice going through registered foreign agent reports. I was working on a civil RICO case (It was sort of noteworthy since we filed suit against the Republica of Kazahkstahn amongst other criminal elements) and was trying to obtain jurisdiction over some of the defendants in the US District Court here in DC. We went back through the registrations and I was able to track many of the meetings they had attended here and found lots of non government type activities as a result of the information on the forms (if someone is present in DC only to communicate with the Government, they are generally considered immune from the reach of DC Courts) and we made a great argument to allow the case to proceed to trial in DC.

Site Maintenance

The site is going to be going through some major overhauls and maintenance the next few days . . . and then I will be traveling. Please bear with us as we go through these growing pains

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Dead Milkmen

Sad news.
The Dead Milkmen's bassist, Dave Blood committed suicide. Growing up, they were one of my favorite bands. Look for a special Monday Morning Song Lyric in his honor.

Burn Burn Burn In Hell

Democratic opposition to the War in Iraq is really coming into focus now. Turns out the former press secretary to U.S. Senator Ron Wyden (D-Ore) and to former Sen., Ambassador, and U.S. Presidential Candidate Carol Moseley-Braun has been charged with spying for Iraq.

Times must really be tough for the Donkey's, since it appears she was only paid $10,000 by the Iraqi's to sell her country short.

If they convict her, she ought to be thrown into the same boiling vat of pig fat cooking over Satan's fires that thousands of Al Queda are taking a bath in right now.

Why The Washington Post Is Worse Than The Times

The Post has a nauseating lead editorial today discussing how Bush waffles far worse the Kerry.

Their charge is:
Flip-flops aren't always bad; there's nothing to admire in politicians who never change their minds and never learn from experience. Though Mr. Kerry has been in public life longer than President Bush, his supporters can find a Bush flip for just about every Kerry flop. Mr. Bush fought the creation of a homeland security department until one day he loved the idea. As a candidate he supported regulation of carbon dioxide emissions from power plants; as president he opposed it. Most famously, the great belittler of nation-building has dispatched American troops on hugely ambitious projects to rebuild the nations of Afghanistan, Iraq and now Haiti.

But Bush reversals differ from Kerry waffles. Mr. Bush seems to his detractors to change course with worrisomely little thought -- and to feel just as sure of himself in his new position as he was in his old. Earlier, he was jauntily certain that the United States should conduct a humble foreign policy; now he is jauntily certain that it should pursue a grand campaign against evil. Because the administration rarely admits that its positions have changed, even when the change is obvious, and because no introspection or process of deliberation is evident, the depth of commitment may be suspect.
Now, lets deconstruct, shall we.

As a candidate he supported regulation of carbon dioxide emissions from power plants; as president he opposed it.

Yeah, not quite. He supported research into the issue and was willing to look at the issue. He still is, and to a horrifying degree, still lends credance to public fraud number 1 - that anthropogenic climate change is occuring. Sure, we haven't ratified Kyoto yet, but not only is that a good thing, the Post (as the rest of the media) seem to forget thats entirely outside of Bush's hands. If its such a smart idea, why didn't Clinton Gore do it .... oh, thats right. They couldn't. The Senate needs to sign off on a treaty and the Senate (of which John Kerry was and is a member) unanimously rejected Kyoto.
All that Bush has really done in this arena is not to include a Climate Change provision in his Clear Skies plan. Seems reasonable to me that something as divisive as Climate Change should be dealt with seperately, out in the open, instead of preventing passage of a bill that will ensure, by an overwhelmingly large margin, the largest single reductions air pollution in the nations history.

Mr. Bush fought the creation of a homeland security department until one day he loved the idea. ..... Most famously, the great belittler of nation-building has dispatched American troops on hugely ambitious projects to rebuild the nations of Afghanistan, Iraq and now Haiti.
The post then goes on to say Mr. Bush seems to his detractors to change course with worrisomely little thought ... he was jauntily certain that the United States should conduct a humble foreign policy; now he is jauntily certain that it should pursue a grand campaign against evil ... because no introspection or process of deliberation is evident, the depth of commitment may be suspect

Uuuh, yeah, right. I guess they were out of the country on 9/11 (presumably in France or Baghdad)

This crap doesn't even warrant a response and its the reason why on November 2, 2004 the American people will overwhelmingly re-elect George W. Bush. To criticize Bush for changing his political philosophy after the most disasterous attack (and act of war) EVER committeed on American Soil is mindboggling. What F'ing deliberation or introspection do we need. How the F can they question the depth of his commitment. What, should he have sat around with his elitist northeastern liberal pals smoking pot and listening to folk tunes as they deliberated the evils of America and what we could change to make everyone love us???? What the F***!!!!!.

What we should have done, and what Bush did, is destroy anyone who attacked us.

I'm sorry, but the Post just ruined my day. They can all rot in the same pit of vile pig grease thousands of deceased al queada are floating in.

Jews For Bush

There really are Jews For Bush. One of my best friend in the world (who I hadn't seen in awhile) is a jewish guy in New York. he's invovled in computers and the music biz. Anyway, we both run macs and were playing with iChat AV (just another incredible cool thing that works very well on a mac (ie; you can actually do it in 2 minutes)) and he revealed to me that post 9/11 he decided to register to vote for the first time every and HE REGISTERED AS A REPUBLICAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whats more, he was saying that at least amongst the jewish population in new york, Kerry doesn't stand a chance - that they all back Bush to fight the war on terror and protect the countryand israel and that no one he knows (except, I presume, his friend moby) is even considering voting for Kerry.

This was quit a revelation to me since I am surrounded by washington chatter 24/7. We talked about a number of issues, and he was pretty much clueless to all the issues hogging the airwaves here in DC and said the only thing that matters is killing the bastards that attacked us. For that, Bush is clearly the way to go.

Folks, I am pretty sure this is how most of the country feels. Please let me know if you have any other insight to offer on this matter.

Integrity At The Times

its true, Miracles do happen, they can happen to you. After a stunning twofer of fairness reason this week on issues as diverse as guns and SUVs, we know get integrity and demands for consistency in application of the law from the New York F'ing Times unbaF'ingbelievable Editorial Page.

Folks, perhaps Daniel Okrent is making a change. This last week really represents to me, at least, a sea change in the attitude and reporting at the Times. Its about time. In the latest article, the Times is strongly criticizing the use of independent groups by the DNC to attack Bush and avoid Campaign finance laws.
At issue are a handful of new committees set up by Democratic operatives and dedicated to turning President Bush out of office. The groups are running advertising campaigns in 17 states to counteract Republican commercials that began last week. They insist that because they have no formal ties to the Democratic Party or to John Kerry, they are not bound by the 1974 federal election law or the more recent and restrictive McCain-Feingold law, which prohibits soft money in federal elections. The groups insist that their activities are necessary to offset a 10-to-1 fund-raising advantage in Mr. Bush's favor.

We sympathize with the Democrats' desire to level the playing field. But they do not have to subvert the law to do it. Indeed, Mr. Kerry has already announced his intention to raise as much as $80 million in smaller contributions that are legal. Mr. Kerry appears confident that the Democrats can raise money without making end runs around the reform law he voted for two years ago. Indeed, anyone who believes in the Democratic agenda ought to have similar faith that the Democrats, like the Republicans — or Howard Dean — are capable of raising a great deal of money from small donors.

In addition, anyone who was angered at phony "issue ads" in the last campaign will have little patience with the claims of one group, the Media Fund, that the ads it just unleashed are all about issues, not promoting candidates. One of the group's first broadsides declares that "George Bush's priorities are eroding the American dream," suggesting that the group's one and only ambition is to retire George Bush. That, in turn, represents an illegal use of soft money by an avowedly political group to influence federal elections.

Who knows. Maybe the planets are lining up and armegeddon is on the way.

The Simpsons

Some old lady won the Simpsons House. Check out the vr tour.

Libertarian Purity Test

I just updatd my previous post on the Libertarian Purity Test. After discovering this great page tracking various blogger scores, I was motivated to try once more. The result???? I scored a 103 to go along with my previous 88, 91, and 110.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

John Kerry, An Absurd Fool

The House Resources Committee has responded to an absurdly foolish statement that attributed to John Kerry today in Greenwire.
“That black stuff is hurting us.”
---Sen. John Kerry on oil (Greenwire)

Washington, DC
– Democrat presidential candidate John Kerry is quoted in today’s edition of Greenwire as saying, “that black stuff is hurting us,” with regard to oil. Members of the House Committee on Resources found the Senator’s comment absurd.

“John Kerry is dead wrong,” Chairman Richard W. Pombo (R-CA) said. “Oil doesn’t hurt Americans; John Kerry’s anti-energy policies hurt Americans. In fact, this is exactly the kind of rhetoric and bad policy that has led to the outsourcing of good American energy jobs. Last year alone, the United States outsourced more than $100 billion worth of American jobs, economic growth, and national security to foreign countries for our energy needs. Americans are left with a supply and demand imbalance that creates higher prices at the pump and longer waits on the unemployment line.”

At a time when economists cite jobs and rising energy prices as the only threats to an otherwise burgeoning economy, Senator Kerry’s comments appear completely out of touch with basic economics. It is widely held that energy is the lifeblood of the economy, yet this Senator seems opposed to cheaper, more abundant supplies of energy to strengthen the economy.

"If John Kerry spent as much time at the job he was elected to do as he does on the campaign trail, he might have noticed the recent Resources Committee hearing on the loss of American jobs due to our reliance on foreign energy,” said Rep. Barbara Cubin, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Energy and Minerals. “The American people deserve a president who isn't a hostage to the radical environmental community and who knows that what's hurting us is red tape and frivolous environmental litigation - not American oil."

In Greenwire, a Kerry spokesman stated that the Senator voted against more energy production in ANWR seven times “because it was a joke” and would not have cut dependency on foreign nations. However, a 2003 study by the National Defense Council Foundation found that ANWR’s 10.3 billion barrels of oil would create more than 2.2 million jobs across all 50 states - roughly 10,000 of those in Kerry’s home state of Massachusetts.

“It’s the do-nothing attitude that’s hurting us,” Rep. Jim Gibbons, Vice Chairman of the House Resources Committee added. “Our energy demands continue to grow, yet we are more dependent on foreign oil than ever before. We have tremendous energy production capability right here in the United States that remains untapped. The do-nothing attitude promoted by special interests groups prohibits us from domestic energy production and from creating new jobs. That’s what is really hurting America.”

There is a lot of American Life in a barrel of the “black stuff.”

Contrary to a popular misconception, less than half of every barrel of oil we use in the United States is turned into gasoline. The majority becomes the key ingredient in thousands of products Americans use everyday. Here are just a few:



Artificial hearts





CD players






Digital Clocks


Food preservatives

Food storage bags


Golf Balls

House paint



Medical equipment




Photo film

Safety glass


Shaving cream

Contact Lenses

Surgical equipment





* Massachusetts consumes 14 million gallons of oil per day for these needs and others.

Environmental, Economic, and National Security Benefits

Even the Clinton Administration would find fault with Senator Kerry’s comments. In its 1999 report, Environmental Benefits of Advanced Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Technology, the Clinton Administration asserts that for the 21st century, energy production, environmental progress, and economic vitality must all go hand-in hand. However…

1. Public awareness of significant and impressive environmental benefits from energy technology advances remains limited. (Page 1)

2. Myths that are perpetuated about oil (read: Kerry) “threaten to block progress on important environmental issues…it is vital that we debunk these myths so that the public can most effectively address the environmental needs of today.” (Page 22)

3. U.S. dependence on foreign oil has increased to record levels. As that dependence increases, “Americans lose jobs, tax revenues, royalty income…changes that also hurt our environment – reducing the capability of industry to meet demand in the U.S., increasing tanker traffic and the possibility of spills, and reducing capacity to deploy new technologies for environmental performance.” (Page 69)

But is this just another flip-flop?

Transcript from CNN’s Inside Politics with Judy Woodruff…

Woodruff: Senator, questions are already being raised about what you said to some of these labor leaders in order to get their endorsement. James Hoffa of the Teamsters said in an interview just this week, he said you told him that while you opposed drilling in ANWR -- the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge -- that you are, quote, he said, going to put that pipeline in and drill like never before, drill all over the United States to create more jobs.

Kerry: I think he -- I said exactly what my policy has been all my life. Which is I'm for the natural gas pipeline. Absolutely. I voted for the natural gas pipeline. I think it's important to build it. And so do most Americans. I'm also for the drilling in the 95 percent of the Alaska oil shelf that's up for leasing now. In fact, President Clinton put out the biggest lease in American history in that part of the shelf. I'm not for drilling in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge and I haven't changed and I won't change.

Woodruff: You're saying there's no contradiction here?

Kerry: Absolutely none whatsoever.

Looks like it…

" He has time and time again voted against increased oil exploration," Bush campaign spokesman Steve Schmidt said. "He opposed the energy bill [and] didn't even show up to vote on the final passage of the bill."

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Cleanliness is next to godliness, or so my mother used to tell me. Well, it looks like some Wendy's employees, presumably without bathing facilities at home, took that advice to heart and decided to clean themselves up in the restaurants dish washing sink.

This doesn't really bother me at all. The sinks use high pressure hot water and they were cleaning themselves, so presumably they were cleaning the sink as well. I suspect items a lot worse have ended up in the sink over the years. In fact, it reminds me of an old acquaintance from law school (whose father is a professor at the University of Tennessee - no it's not Glen Reynolds though maybe that would get me a link) that made a habit of urinating in the kitchen sink whenever he went to a party. He thought of it as a perverse sort of "marking of the territory."

Just had to share that. And no, I won't name names.

Hockey Fights - Fair and Foul

The Crease is blogging about the viscous attack in the Colorado Vancouver game the other night. I didn't see it, but from all I read, something needs to be done to Bertuzzi. John explores the issue in some depth. Go read him.

Now, just because some bastards don't know how to fight honorably doesn't mean that hockey should ban fighting. Quite the opposite. I think the physical aspects of the game, and the chance for a good brawl, are all vital to its flow. However, fights and fighters should be honorable tough guy figures. Mike Bishai, who took on the entire Thrasher's bench is one such guy. My offer still stands Mr. Bishai - beers on me next time your in town.

John "The Scab" Kerry?

Well, we won't know until the convention comes to his hometown. But if the Boston PD doesn't get a contract by then, Kerry's appearanceat the convention will amount to crossing a union picket line.

Oh, the glorious irony.

Sen. McCain Open to Being Kerry's VP

That's what Yahoo News is reporting, at least. I have no comment ... just linking to it. You can make up your own mind.

Burn In Hell, III (update)

The wife of Abu Abbas, who is making a home in Beliar's bottomless pit, says US 'killed' him. If true, this is great news and just another, of many, reasons to vote for George Bush over the man who would rather give Abbas a furlough in Massachussets than see him burn in hell.

Burn In Hell, IV

Well, 19 year old Lee Boyd Malvo is going to wait for his appointment in Acheron's fires in a Virginia jail. Luckily for him, the good inmates of the Virginia Prison System are looking forward to bumping him up on the line to Hades.

Wictory Wednesday

So, does the thought that our sworn enemies support and campaign for John Kerry frighten you? Does the thought of a candidate who ONLY votes for gun bans and fails to perform every other task in his job as a Senator piss you off? Has that clueless twit a-hole John Kerry got your blood boiling in a rage.

Well, do not despair. There is hope and there are things you can do!

Don't Get Mad. Get Even!

Today is Wictory Wednesday. Every Wednesday from now till election day, I will ask my readers to volunteer and/or donate to the Bush campaign if they haven't done so already. And if you have volunteered and donated, then get a friend to join you. It's the only way to defeat the lying liberal media and their special interest pandering whores in Congress and in the Kerry Campaign.

If you're a blogger, you can join Wictory Wednesday simply by putting up a post like this every Wednesday, asking your readers to volunteer and/or donate to the president's re-election campaign.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Burn In Hell, III

As John Muhammed and Ray Brent Marsh wait for their chances to burn in hell, Abu Abbas the Achille Lauro hijacker jumps to the front of the line and makes Satans fires grow ever so brightly warmer as his worthless body burns (hopefully in pork fat) for all eternity.

Tucker Carlson Is Right On

Now, even though we are both cconservaties, I am not a big Tucker Carlson fan. I just don't get his appeal. He reminds me too much of the self important, momma boy rich kid snots I went to prep school with. They all generally deserved a kick in the balls.

Anyway, on some issues, I can't agree more though. Liz Smith's column today seems a bit outraged at what Tucker allegedly said. For the sake of posterity, and because he is so right on, here is Liz's take on the matter
'TUCKER CARLSON, the bow-tied conservative of CNN's "Crossfire" chats with Elle magazine this month, on the subject of women and sex. Carlson says "One area of liberal phenomenon I support is female bi-sexuality - this apparent increased willingness of girls to bring along a friend. That's a pretty good thing." What do women want, Elle asks Tucker? "They want to be listened to, protected and amused. And they want to be spanked vigorously every one in a while." He also admits if he had to spend his life as a woman it would as Elizabeth Birch, "formerly of the Human Rights Campaign because you'd be presiding over an organization of thousands of lesbians, some of them quite good-looking." (Folks, nothing you can make up is better than what people actually say these days!)

Who is Carlson's guilty fantasy bedmate? "Hillary. Every time I see her I think I could, you know, help . . . She seems tense."

Asked to choose between conservative talkers Laura Ingraham or Ann Coulter, Carlson believes "Laura would be less likely to hurt you. With Ann you could get bruised on the angles."

Tucker opines that it is best not to argue with a woman. "Most of the time you can beat a woman in an argument. But what do you win? Nothing. You get short-term pleasure followed by a lot of pain."

He also says, "I like women." Well, good luck getting them to reciprocate your Neanderthal feeling, kid.
Go Tucker Go!

Alaska Inreasing Use Of Lethal Bear Control Measures

Greenwire is reporting(subscription may be required) that Alaska is increasing the use of lethal measures to control the state bear population and reduce predaation of valuable game species. Approved measures will now include sterilization, removal, trapping, baiting, and airborne taking but not airborne shooting.

I have two questions

First, why arent we opening the hunt up to Chinese, Japanese, and Korean business intersts (both domestic and foreign) who will pay fortunes for the bear parts (and are solely funding the poaching operations that continue to decimate eastern black bear - except in New Jersey)?

Second, why, if we are concerned with reducing their numbers, can't they be shot from the air? Is there a valid reason? Seems to me if were going to kill the bear, the bear really doesn't care whether we shoot it from the air or the ground. The end result is the same: Dead Bear.

Perhaps its got something to do with the Commie Mommies and the Tree (and Bear) Huggie Enviro Extremists. They, of course, are always upset by these things. Now they are complaining that we will cause permanent harm to bear populations and destroy the tundra because of overgrazing by the moose and elk and Caribou the bear would otherwise eat.

My reaction: Lets shoot the moose and elk and caribou for food and drill for oil and natural gas on the prisitne tundra so the native alaskans can afford things like DVD players and health care and I can get cheap gas and electric.

Burn In Hell, II

Whatever time may rest between Ray Brent Marsh and his appointment with Lucifer to visit hells vast fires, as least he can take heart in the knowledge that John Muhammad has scheduled a visit first.
Circuit Judge LeRoy F. Millette Jr. turned aside a plea from Muhammad's lawyers to spare their client's life. He ordered Muhammad executed on Oct. 14, but that date likely will be postponed to allow appeals.
Aaah yes, not only will this scumbag burn eternally, but as an added bonus, he will start to do so on my birthday!!!

Now, don't you touchy feely peacenick Kerry supporting liberals go around and screw up my birthday gift. This guy already ruined my birthday one year, what with murdering someone at my local Home Depot. The least he can do to make it up is to avoid needless and wasteful appeals and ensure his day comes on my special day.

Deiced Roads vs. Ecosystems

The New York Times has a great article on the ecological trouble caused from : de-icing by state highwar departments "creating an environmental problem that lasts far beyond winter." Its an intersting read, now that winter is finally wanning and we can witness firsthand the results of our activities.

I used to work on this issue quite a lot and actually represented a comapny with a great ecologically sound product that was wholly biodegradable (it was essentially made from mash, the spent grain byproduct of the brewing industry) and worked better than salt. We even created a market for them by getting congress to ensure millions upon millions in subsidies to states that purchased their product.

However, no amount of free money and good product can overcome bad management and as a result of mismanagement, the company squandered a fortune and barely exists anymore. Seems the Gun Guy has touched upon this subject in the past.

John "The Man Who Would Lead Our Enemy" Kerry

Jefferson Morley of the Washington Post has some thoughts on Kerry's international appeal.

You know what I think.

Monday, March 08, 2004

Burn In Hell

Thats what Ray Brent Marsh is going to do. Burn in hell. And I sure hope it takes a long long long time for him to burn up ... eternity in fact.

In case, you don't recognize his name, perhaps you recognize the story. Ray Brent was the crematorium operator in Northwest Georgia who decided not to cremate the bodies, prefering to dump em all over his property and give their grieving families concrete and ashs from his fireplace instead.

The story takes a somewhat personal note for me since we have a place in LaFayette, GA where this scumbag operated (actually he was in Noble, an unincorporated town 2 miles north of LaFayette, the Walker County Seat (Walker County is the largest, by land area in Georgia, but has the smallest population)

Anyway, if your interested in reading about the trial, the Walker County Messenger has been doing a great job the last few years covering all the details of the case.

Save our Guns

Fight Commie Mommies

Pro Gun NY Times Article

Holy Schamoley!!!!!! My eyes can not believe it. The New York Times, in a rate one two punch, just broke the mold on its usual reporting. First we have a story on Hollywood Hypocrasy and now comes this report of a Womens, yes thats right Womens rifle club in Manhattan.

What is going on with the world? For instance, we get quotes like this:
New York is not a gun town. With some of the toughest gun laws in the country, it can take upward of 18 months to get a license for your longarm, even if the most you care to do is head upstate for a weekend turkey shoot.

There is, though, a small but enthusiastic shooting culture in the city, and one place to find its members is at meetings of the Women's Shooting Sports League, which gathers the first Monday of each month in Chelsea for a night of rifle fire and female bonding.

And admissions like this
Ms. Cohen said she considered shooting a precision art form, much like darts, and found her time with the Ruger an "almost Zen sort of thing." Although she said that politics were far from her mind when she joined, she discovered that the task of getting licensed was much more difficult than she had thought.

While filling out her license application at police headquarters, she was surprised to find that the authorities wished to know if she had ever seen a psychiatrist or taken narcotics. She said the process was more intrusive than her application to the state bar association.

"They asked all these probing personal questions that didn't necessarily prove that I, as a thinking person, could or couldn't handle a gun," she said.
And leaves us with images like this:
If it is tricky to imagine some Manhattan publicist in miniskirt and leather boots taking target practice with a Ruger .22, consider what Ms. Heath's relations in Michigan think about her current home.
And concludes with this:
"People who perhaps have never had the opportunity to enjoy the shooting sports should have that opportunity," he said, quickly adding, "without any preconceived notions."

Notions are one thing; politics is another. It seemed as if the women of the shooting league had simpler things in mind.

"Oh, yeah, I had a great time," one young woman said coming off the line. "I shot some balloons."

Hollywood Hypocrisy

In a stunning, shocking, one two punch, the New York Times actually breaks from its mold and offers up two interesting, and less than politically correct articles. The first we will examine deals with culture war in Hollywood between the ultra liberals driving Toyota Priuses and the rest driving their hummer.

Read it, its good. Money quote:
"She told me she wanted to buy a hybrid, and she was concerned about the Hummer and its effect on the environment," Mr. Drake recalled. "I asked where she lived. She said Beverly Hills. I said, `Out of curiosity: How big is your house?'

"She said: `What does that matter? It's 20,000 square feet.' "

He said he replied: "I don't know what's less correct. Having three people live in a 20,000-square-foot house, with a pool and heaters and air-conditioners. Or me driving my Hummer 500 miles a month."

Mr. Drake's house, he said, is 3,000 square feet

On Martha

John at The-Crease is questioning what the hubub over Martha Stewart is all about.

Beside all of that, I can understand laws against trading based on insider information that's designed to manipulate stock prices. But was that what happened here? It doesn't look like such manipulation was the goal, but rather the desire to avoid losing some cash. And why should that be illegal? Don't we all, every day, make decisions based on information no one else has? Whether it's a new route to get to work or a store to reliably get that hard-to-find bottle of wine, it seems to me much of our day is spent using information to get one over on the other guy. Why is it acceptable in daily life but not in the stock market? Again, I'm not talking about using information to manipulate prices...I recognize that as fraud. But I am talking about hearing something through the grapevine and using that information.

My problems with Martha's actions are three fold.

First, and foremost, as a former stockbroker and member of the New York Stock Exchange (yes, even though her publicists and friends in the media covered it up, Martha's first successful career was on Wall Street) she absolutly 100% positivly knew what she was doing was illegal. This is the same as Bill Clinton lying under oath. The underlying action (sex with an intern) didn't bther me nearly as much as the end result - a membr of the bar lying under oath.

Second:, Martha and the ImClone CEO were trying to manipulate the markets. They wanted to take advantage of what they considered serious insider information to extend the time they had to maximize their profits. The manipulation came because the annoucement of bad news was delayed long enough to keep the stocks price inflated and allow them to recoup their investment and the backs of the trading public.

Finally, she did not hear this information along the grapevine. It came directly from someone who had access to it, well before the public would, and who Martha as a former stockbroker and member of the Stock Exchange knew would possess special knowledge.

While I agree that the reasons for our concern with stock fraud seem very nanny state-ish (if people are too stupid to buy into frauds, shouldn't they suffer the consequences of their foolishness?) it is in fact a direction we as society have traveled in. In light of the incredible success of our stock market since these reforms came about in the mid 1930s who am I to disagree with them.

Monday Song Lyric

Juan Non-Volokh’s Sunday Song Lyric has started showcasing libertarian musicians. Not a bad idea. Last week, he looked at some Oingo Boingo Danny Elfman lyrics. This week he is showcasing Rush. Ugh. While I can appreciate that Rush might be a libertarian band, I still don’t like them. As He Who Shall Not Be Named has pointed out … the musicianship is fine, too fine, and they end up missing soul. That and Geddy Lee’s ear pitching voice is enough to drive me crazy. Eee Gads!!!!! Its like fingernails on a chalkboard.

I, of course, would argue (and have) that the Grateful Dead, purveyors of the great American modern traveling minstrel road show were (and still are) the torchbearers of libertarianism within popular culture. While social conservatives hated their drug fueled concert spectacles, economic conservative had to admire the ultimate free market atmosphere (as long as you weren’t hawking trademarked items TOOO conspicuously) that followed wherever the band went. You wanted something and you could ALWAYS find someone selling it, with the price fluctuating as the market demanded and bartering with something of equal or greater value (tickets!!!!) always a possibility. Heck, it also showed the extent of free market, libertarian, charitable giving as people would always dispense with free, “miracle”, tickets for the great unwashed masses just, or shortly after, the shows would start.

Still, most fans did not even realize they were taking part in the greatest libertarian experiment ever. One look around the parking lot found people hawking the wares of whatever liberal interest group of the day was striking out. Often times, this involved the environmental prostitutes at Greenpeace and other such organizations I despise. However, for the most part, the band avoided these connections and preferred to let their “music do the talking.”

In doing so, when they weren’t noodling around in a drug induced fog, the music was a celebration of a time remembered, a style from before. As direct descendants of the Beat writers of San Francisco, they immediately picked up on a lot of the themes, specially of the joy of cross country travel, that Jack Kerouac wrote about and Neil Cassady (who was both the main character in one of the bands most popular songs, That’s It For The Other One and the shares a name with another, Cassidy) inspired. With the exception of the psychedelic space trips, the Dead’s most memorable songs were all glorious celebrations of the road and travel, whether it is through the considerable number of railroad songs, cowboy jingles, or simply Truckin’ tunes, a Dead show promised to harken back to the time of Steinbeck and before. These songs all looked out at an expansive world, where anything was possible and life lived to the fullest evolved directly from nature. No government, just one person striking out on their own, with no support other than that they create.

Many of these songs, especially the ones sang by Bobby Weir came to us from the gifted mind of the noted libertarian John Perry Barlow. John, the Thomas Jefferson of Cyberspace (A William Gibson term he first applied to the internet in 1990) is the cofounder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and a prolific speaker and writer as well as blogger.

One of my favorite Barlow-Weir song has long been Black Throated Wind. A fairly regular song for the Dead in the mid 70s, it was dropped from their usual rotation until it made a striking comeback (with partially revised lyrics) at a great show in Landover Maryland at the Cap Center that I was lucky enough to attend. Narrated by a hitchhiker coming home at the end of his journey along the interstates of America, it fits squarely within the realm of the popular stories from the road that these authors mastered. It’s a haunting and powerful, shuffling number, that exhibits, in parts, as much angst as you are likely to see from the Dead. I strongly recommend the version available on Dicks Picks #8

Black-Throated Wind
Words by John Perry Barlow ; music by Bob Weir

Bringing me down,
I'm running aground
Blind in the light of the interstate cars.
Passing me by,
The busses and semis,
Plunging like stones from a slingshot on Mars.

But I'm here by the road,
Bound to the load
That I picked up in ten thousand cafes and bars .
Alone with the rush of the drivers who won't pick me up,
The highway, the moon, the clouds, and the stars.

The black-throated wind keeps on pouring in
With its words of a life where nothing is new.
Ah, Mother American Night , I'm lost from the light.
Ohhh, I'm drowning in you.

I left St. Louis, the City of Blues ,
In the midst of a storm I'd rather forget.
I tried to pretend it came to an end
Cause you weren't the woman I thought I once met.

But I can't deny that times have gone by
When I never had doubts or thoughts of regret
And I was a man when all this began
Who wouldn't think twice about being there yet.

The black-throated wind keeps on pouring in.
And it speaks of a life that passes like dew.
It's forced me to see that you've done better by me,
Better by me than I've done by you.

What's to be found, racing around,
You carry your pain wherever you go.
Full of the blues and trying to lose
You ain't gonna learn what you don't want to know.

So I give you my eyes, and all of their lies
Please help them to learn as well as to see
Capture a glance and make it a dance
Of looking at you looking at me.

The black-throated wind keeps on pouring in
With its words of a lie that could almost be true.
Ah, Mother American Night, here comes the light.
I'm turning around, that's what I'm gonna do

Goin back home that's what I'm gonna do
Turnin' around,
That's what I'm gonna do

'Cause you've done better by me
Than I've done by you. . .

Eat Meat For PETA

Libertarian Purity Test

National Review's Corner linked to this Libertarian Purity test. As others have said, I generally don't like on line testing, they tend to miss the subtleties invovled in more complex issues (is that too Kerry sounding??????). While I agree thats still the case with this one, the weighting of the answers, and the difficult positions it makes you take, were intriguing.

I ended up with a Score of 88 on a scale of 0-160. Its the upper edge of the class, but i think if I retested myself the score might change either downward or upward. Her's the description they gave:

51-90 points: You are a medium-core libertarian, probably self-consciously so. Your friends probably encourage you to quit talking about your views so much.

A large part of my score being so low has to do with the war on terror. Since 9/11 I've reevaluated some of my priorities and as such, am mor ein favor of vigorous border protections and military intervention (plus I don't want to slash the militar's budget by 75%). Pre 9/11, my responses might have been slightly different.

In any case, while I thought I scored fairly middle of the road, it turns out I am rather high, at least compared to the folks at National Review. Ramesh scored a 73; Jonah scored a 41; and Rick Brookhiser scored a 40. Hmmmm. Try it out and let me know how you did.

I actually just took it again and scored 91. Not sure what I answered differently.
91-130 points: You have entered the heady realm of hard-core libertarianism. Now doesn't that make you feel worse that you didn't get a perfect score?

I decided to retake it, and see if I could replicate a pre 9/11 answer for you. Well, I scored 110.

I am a pretty hard core libertarian, though not as extreme as some, I guess. I basically believe the government should get out of the way, and exists only to provide the basic services needed for society to function (and as we develop more, I am generally agreeable to a slight expansion of power). For instance, the police, fire and military are all appropriate roles for government to maintain (as long as our military is defending us, and not prosecuting wars without provocation). The government is also helpful for constructing and maintaing roads and waterways and making sure the traffic lights operate properly. Thats about it.

UPDATE - I just took the test again after being linked to a great page collecting blogger scores and scored a 103.

Sunday, March 07, 2004

John "Potty Mouth" Kerry

Drudge is reporting that Democratic Presidential Candidate John "The Communist Manifesto" Kerry has a problem with foul language on his web page. According to Drudge's article, posted 7:51 PM EST, the Kerry people promised the offending language would be taken down. Well, I did my own search for it at 10:00 pm and as you can see, as of the time this entry was published F**k and S**t still show up.

In case Kerry does get around to taking these down, I saved the offending search result pages for posterity; S**t and F**k.

He ought to be ashamed of himself.

Are You Pet Prepared?

This is an interesting article* on things to think about concerning your pet as you prepare for disaster contingencies.

I took my black lab Beauregaurd to the Vet today. He's a geat dog and doing very well, which is to be expected for a Four Year old. The Dr. does think he needs to lose a little weight (he wieghed 94 pounds ... we'd like to get him down to 85 (his weight last year), but the vet wants him at 79). FWIW - I have a bug out bag especially for him.

*Alpha Rubicon shares an incredible amount of knowledge on various firearms systems and surviving in disaster situations. I discovered the page in the days following 9/11 and check it out every know and then. I have little knowledge about the group, I make no judgments on them. My general sense is that they are some sort of survivalist/militia group but I do not know for sure. In any case, I have no connection to them, and neither approve nor reject any think they say. I simply posted the link since I think they do have interesting insights into disaster preparation and on general firearms knowledge.

Saturday, March 06, 2004

Understatement of the Year

St. Louis has a real reason to be blue
At the time, Brown was wanted on warrants for burglary, trespassing and other charges related to the Christmas Eve incident.

"We've tried to arrest him a few times, but he was elusive," said Sgt. Williams.

"The Butlers thought something like this might happen, and they're a little upset with us for not having arrested him."

What, pre tell, happened for the Butlers to be pretty upset?
James and Suzanne Butler had retired for the night Friday when a man who they say had been harassing them for a year kicked in their back door and rushed into their bedroom, armed with a rifle and a handgun.

"He was shooting with the rifle as soon as he came into the bedroom," Butler said in a telephone interview Sunday from his home outside Rolla, Mo. "My wife grabbed the barrel and she got shot, but it allowed me the time to get my gun" from a nightstand drawer.

Butler fired several shots, killing David W. Brown, 45.

In a just world, the American Trial Lawyers Association (Contact them, and tell 'em what you think*) would be filing lawsuits against police departments that shirk their fiduciary duties to the community, and not going after firearms manufacturers who allow heroic, victimized, citizens like the Browns to defend their lives.

*disclaimer; I am an on again - off again (depending on whether I remember to send my dues in) member of ATLA, their basic trial support services for litigation attorney's are unmatched

John "Ixnay Ationalnay Ecuritysay" Kerry

That would be John "Nix National Security" Kerry for you non pig latin speakers.

Check out this great site on Kerry. Thanks to the Colonel for the link.

We Are Free, Free At Last!!

The closely divided and progressivly more liberal Virginia Senate (home of the $4 billion tax incease) unanimously passed HB 1144, HB 1302, and HB 404. HB 1144 & 1302 which allow Virginia residents to lawfully purchase long guns from licensed dealers in other states passed by overwhelming unanimous votes on March 1.. HB 404 which allows holders of valid Virginia concealed-carry permits to purchase more than one handgun a month passed by a tally of 29-11 on March 4..

The Virginia Citizens Defense League has a great tracking tool on Virginia legislation with lots more info. Now, if only I could carry concealed in restaurants and bars (alcohol free for me, thanks).

NRA Gun Debate Wrap Up

The NRA-ILA included this handy wrap up of the gun debate in their latest email alert.


Now that the dust has settled over S. 1805, the "Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act," it is time for us to take stock of where we stand in ultimately passing a "clean" lawsuit bill, regroup, and pursue the most effective legislative and grassroots strategies to accomplish this goal.

While we have noted that, in its original form, S. 1805 had the support of a majority of U.S. Senators and the Administration, it is also important to acknowledge other groups who supported the lawsuit bill. These include: organized labor (including United Mine Workers, United Steel Workers, United Auto Workers, and International Association of Machinists union members), the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Manufacturers, and the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors.

As amended, S. 1805 was no longer the same bill that was originally introduced and supported by this broad-based coalition. Despite our best efforts, legislation that simply sought to halt the abuse of our court system by holding the lawful firearm industry liable for the acts of criminals, was weighed down with anti-gun amendments, thus making it unacceptable. Plain and simple, the anti-gunners in the U.S. Senate played politics with this critical bill.

Commenting on the failure of the Senate to pass a "clean" lawsuit bill, NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris Cox noted, "Despite the fact that the U.S. House of Representatives passed a ?clean` lawsuit bill last year on an overwhelming bipartisan vote, Senate opponents of S. 1805 decided that playing election year gun control politics was more important than passing a bill that had the support of a majority of U.S. Senators and the Administration. While NRA is disappointed by the actions of those Senators who used political gimmickry to kill a bill that had such broad-based support, we were not willing to allow the lawsuit bill to be used as a vehicle to foist more gun control on the American people. U.S. Senators have now made their positions on these crucial issues known, and rest assured we will inform our four million members and the nation`s 65 million gun owners of their actions, so they may take these votes into consideration on Election Day."

The vote on the Feinstein Amendment to reenact the 1994 Clinton gun ban was 52-47. And while it garnered four fewer votes than it did in 1993, this ban does not deserve to be extended for even one second longer than its scheduled demise on September 13!

NRA led the fight in opposition to the ill-conceived Clinton gun ban in 1994. We led the successful House effort to repeal the ban two years later, and we are leading the fight to ensure the Clinton gun ban deservedly expires on September 13. From public speeches, articles in NRA publications, ads in national newspapers, communications to lawmakers, the development of a website (, and meetings with our members, NRA has been vocal and unambiguous about our position on this issue. The same can be said about the McCain-Reed Amendment that was attached to S. 1805, which would have ended gun shows as we know them.

Senator Larry Craig (R-Idaho) did an outstanding job representing gun owners throughout the entire debate, and is to be applauded for his efforts in laying out the case against the Clinton gun ban, and for the importance of passing a lawsuit bill free of anti-gun amendments.

Rest assured our opponents will continue to work at every turn to try and accomplish their anti-gun goals. It is therefore critical that you continue to contact your lawmakers in opposition to reenacting or expanding the Clinton gun ban, as well as restricting gun shows.

This whole process highlights some of the pitfalls currently involved with passing proactive firearm legislation. But it is a battle worth fighting! Allowing these reckless lawsuits to continue unabated will be disastrous for the American firearm industry, and for your right to lawfully own firearms. We owe it to ourselves, and all gun owners across the Country, to continue this fight until we pass a "clean" lawsuit bill; whether it is this year, or next year, after the 2004 elections. When we succeed in ultimately enacting a "clean" lawsuit bill into law, it will represent a monumental step forward for our rights. Rest assured we will keep you informed of our efforts.

In the meantime, please visit to find out how your U.S. Senators voted on the Feinstein and McCain-Reed Amendments, and contact them accordingly to make your views known. ILA`s Grassroots staff is ready to assist you, so please call them at (800) 392-8683. Or visit ILA`s website at for additional information on these issues and to utilize ILA"s "Write Your Representatives" feature that will allow you to identify and contact your U.S. Senators.

Thank you again for your continued activism on this issue and for your work in the future to enact this critically-needed reform!