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Monday, February 05, 2007

Six Super Thoughts

1. Sloppy Wet Game. Awesome. I don't care if it was wet and sloppy with lots of turnovers. Football is all about mud and ice and snow. The Colts killed the Bears (and Peyton and the Vols finally beat Grossman and the Gators) but the game was still worth watching because it was within one big play reach of the Bears right up till the end. As memorable a game as the ice bowl (which I've seen on video - wasn't alive then).

2. Commercials sucked. Big time. The Katie Couric ones were the worst. Ugh. And whats up with Sheryll Crow hawking hair coloring? At a football game no less. I did like the Grand Theft Auto Coke commercial, and Rock Paper Scissors. And K-Fed.

3. Shannon Sharpe - couldn't understand a word he said all night long.

4. Prince. Rocked. Royally. Just as he started, we began to comment how this would be another lame halftime show. I asked, rehtorically, why don't they just bring out the marching bands and strike up John Phillip Sousa. Well, he listened. Those black college marching bands are awesome. Good for Prince for including them and Good for Prince for putting on the only memorable, entertaining, rocking superbowl performance in recent years.

5. More Prince. Good for Prince for not having any "suprise special guests" to ruin the show. He carried it on his own. And super Kudos to Prince for having the balls to actually perform. No taped lip synched performance here.

6. Pre Game - we watched Animal Planets Puppy Bowl III. Great fun. Got everyone in the mood. Highly recommend it next year. Who doesn't get all happy watching puppy's tackle-and-fight-and-roll-on-the-ground playing with each other.

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