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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Out and About

Went to 2 Amy's for dinner tonight (official site, here with some friends. As always: good company, great wine, outstanding pizza.

Of note: George Stephanopoulos, wife (Alexandra Wentworth, who according to Wikipedia played Jerry's girlfriend in the Soup Nazi episode), and his two kids.

George is a good guy. Can't stand much about the Clinton's, and never watch his show (or any sunday morning political show), but he and his wife were making funny faces and doing dumb table side dances and things to entertain the kids. His ability to act, publicly, like such an idiot in as crowded and public a place as 2 Amy's certainly speaks strongly of his humanity and overall decent guyishness. Good for him (and for his kids). His wife seemed human too. BTW, he had the same long wait as everyone else.

Also: Son totally hit on the hot blonde - a good 45 years his senior - sitting at the next table. Walked up to her, held her hand in his two hands, and proceeded to say "Hello, I am _____. Would you like to see my toy? You very beautiful hair, Can I touch it? Why dont you come sit at our table? We order Pizza. You sit next to me . . . I sit on your lap. Here. Its ok, can't she mama??"



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