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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Like You And Me, But Better

Pro Gun Progressive and myself have been going back and forth in the comments to one of his post. I don't think we will ever agree on the issue of wolves, but I am pretty sure we can both agree that Maryland politics - and the decision of who gets prosecuted for gun crimes and who doesn't - leave a bit to be desired.

Take today's case concerning Prince George's County asshole extraordinare Keith Washington (I am positive I have blogged about this shit head in the past, but can't seem to find the posts, I'll keep looking).

An argument began between Washington and the two men and escalated quickly, authorities said. It ended when Washington, who is a police officer and a top homeland security official in Prince George's County, drew a 9mm Beretta and opened fire on the unarmed movers, they said.

Police said that they believe the officer, a 16-year veteran, acted in self-defense and that the two wounded men probably will be charged with assault, based on statements from Washington and a family member whom they did not identify.

Now, if police in Maryland provided this level of deference to the actions of law abiding gun owners in the state, I'd normally be cheering them on. And heck, I'd usually instinctivly support the cop in a situation where he is protecting his home. The problem though, is George's County asshole extraordinare Keith Washington isn't just any ordinary person. Not only is he the top "homeland security" official in the county (whatever that means), but he has a pretty shady history.

Washington, 45, a former driver for County Executive Jack B. Johnson (D), has long been a controversial figure. He was sued in 2000 by a man who claimed to have been arrested and strip-searched for protesting Washington's rough treatment of a motorist -- a civil verdict against Washington was overturned on appeal -- and was later temporarily suspended for alleged aggressive behavior during meetings of a homeowners association board on which he served.

Because of that history, Johnson was accused of cronyism and poor judgment when he named Washington in 2004 to be deputy director of homeland security. Johnson brushed off the criticism, saying that he hired Washington in part because he is "mentally tough."

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