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Thursday, January 25, 2007

California Bleg

Got a bleg for ya'll.

Please email me any response, since I am not really going to have access to the page over the next week or so.

anyway, I am going to be heading to Anaheim California for a week at the end of February.

I've been to California once before, in January 1995, when I spent a week in Death Valley and then drove up to San Francisco for the wildest and most crazy weekend of my life. This time, I am going to be in Anaheim for most of the week, but will have one day entirely free. Some of the folks I work with want to go to Disney Land. Since my son can't join me on the trip, and I will have a newborn baby at home, I think the thought of Disney Land will pretty much put me in a foul mood, and so I want to avoid that (even though, staying across the street from the Magic Kingdom its sort of unavoidable).

anyway, here's the bleg. What cool things are there to do in Anaheim for a day (I will have a car)? Any places to shoot guns? I could go to the beach (and Hollywood) but thats not really my scene. I'd much prefer to hit the desert and go hiking. Where should I go and what cool things are there to see? How far will I be from Death Valley? Joshua Tree? Anything else closer? Any good ghost towns? What are the laws in California on having a gun? I assume I can't carry it concealed, but if I am in the desert, can I open carry it? Can I even bring it with me to the state or is its mere possession going to get me in trouble?

Any other thoughts?



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