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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Flash? No Flash

Simply incredible Demonstration

Even the venerable Oleg Volk could learn a thing or two from these pictures.

DiFi/Schumer/Pelosi/McCarthy Contingency Fund

Via the Heartless Libertarian, via Ravenwood, comes Mike Adam's "Preparing for Pelosi."

Lets examine, shall we??

Mike Adam's wants the following

- 13 round mags for his Springfield .45 ACP XD
- Loaded Standard Springfield M1A Rifle
- Springfield 1911-A1 Micro Compact with optional light rail
- Springfield 1911 Lightweight Operator

all good choices, but not really anything (other than the mags) that I imagine the gun banners will grab within the first few months. We generally have time to stock up on additional 1911s (and M1As)

Ravnwood's put together the following wish list

- Barrett Model 82A1.
- Bobcat Weapons BW-5. (a semi-auto 9mm MP5 clone).
- FN Five-seveN.
- Yugo SKS.
- Bushmaster AR-15.
- Smith and Wesson .500 Revolver.

As always, Steve seems to be thinking along the same lines as me.

HL, too.

- anything .50 BMG
- evil black assault rifle
- AK klones
- AK shotgun
- an M-14 kit
- standard capacity mags

Ahh, not much to disagree with there, either, though the details might be slightly different.

so, without much further ado, here's my list

- First things first. Now that I am again an AK owner (or will be Wednsday), I need at least another dozen 40 round mags for my nifty new WASR. One of these too!
- An AR15, the one rifle I've been meaning to get for a long time, but haven't. I'd probably go with a Rock River Arms Tactical CAR A4, but really, any would do.
- A 50 BMG, probably a Serbu since they were cool enough to loan one to Jeff Soyer, but really, if I became flush with cash, nothing is stopping me from picking up a Barrett
- An FN-FAL, probably a DSA SA58SP, complete with the evil folding stock.
- SOCOM 16, with a dozen or so standard capacity 20 round magazines (actually, I'd like to get one of these before the AR15)

Thats it, really, besides the usual desire for a class III gun (can you say Uzi????). My tastes these days are really more for hunting rifles and fine shotguns . . . but I'm not about to look away from any bit of firepower.

Monday, October 30, 2006

An Amazing Trigger

Les Jones compliments,

Countertop responds.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

It really does have a sweet trigger (and the BoMar sights are nice too)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Where I've Been

Pheasant Hunting


Oh yeah.

The Metal God

In his prime, looking a lot less Jay G

Is That Jay G????

No, its Rob Halford

Saturday, October 21, 2006

How Many of Me

I got the link from Bitter
LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

The amazing thing is, while 3 of those include me, my father, and my grandfather (as he passed away only last year and the census data wouldn't be updated yet) I know or have been in contact with an additional 6 of those people who share my name and have touched people who are at least related to another 3 (that I can count).

Looks like I have to do a bit more digging still.

Friday, October 20, 2006

How Massachusetts Has Changed

"We cannot but pity the boy who has never fired a gun. He is no more humane, while his education has been sadly neglected."

- Henry David Thoreau in Walden

Thursday, October 19, 2006

In Minnesota

Hunting Pheasants!!!!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Television, Drug of a Nation

Ron at Reactuate, he of the hot goth girl photos and onetime guest blogger here, has a post on television being a drug.

It reminded me of one of my favorite hip hop acid jazz songs from the early 80s, by the inimitable Disposable Heros of Hiphoprsy (Michael Franti, Rono Tse, and the still phenomenal Charlie Hunter on guitar) on their classic Hypocrisy is the Greatest Luxury

Here's a link to the You Tube video

Television, the Drug of the Nation
Lyrics by Michael Franti
Music by Charlie Hunter and Rono Tse

one nation
under God
has turned into
one nation under the influence
of one drug

Television, the drug of the Nation
Breeding ignorance and feeding radiation

T.V., it
satellite links
our United States of Unconsciousness
Apathetic therapeutic and extremely addictive
The methadone metronome pumping out
150 channels 24 hours a day
you can flip through all of them
and still there's nothing worth watching
T.V. is the reason why less than 10 per cent of our
Nation reads books daily
Why most people think Central Amerika
means Kansas
Socialism means unamerican
and Apartheid is a new headache remedy
absorbed in it's world it's so hard to find us
It shapes our mind the most
maybe the mother of our Nation
should remind us
that we're sitting too close to...

Television, the drug of the Nation
Breeding ignorance and feeding radiation

T.V. is
the stomping ground for political candidates
Where bears in the woods
are chased by Grecian Formula'd
bald eagles
T.V. is mechanized politic's
remote control over the masses
co-sponsored by environmentally safe gases
watch for the PBS special
It's the perpetuation of the two party system
where image takes precedence over wisdom
Where sound bite politics are served to
the fastfood culture
Where straight teeth in your mouth
are more important than the words
that come out of it
Race baiting is the way to get selected
Willie Horton or
Will he not get elected on...

Television, the drug of the Nation
Breeding ignorance and feeding radiation

T.V., is it the reflector or the director?
Does it imitate us
or do we imitate it
because a child watches 1500 murders before he's
twelve years old and we wonder why we've created
a Jason generation that learns to laugh
rather than to abhor the horror
T.V. is the place where
armchair generals and quarterbacks can
experience first hand
the excitement of warfare
as the theme song is sung in the background
Sugar sweet sitcoms
that leave us with a bad actor taste while
pop stars metamorphosize into soda pop stars
You saw the video
You heard the soundtrack
Well now go buy the soft drink
Well, the onla cola that I support
would be a union C.O.L.A.(Cost Of Living Allowance)
On television

Television, the drug of the Nation
Breeding ignorance and feeding radiation

Back again, "New and improved"
We return to our irregularly programmed schedule
hidden cleverly between heavy breasted
beer and car commercials
Where oxymoronic language like
"virtually spotless", "fresh frozen"
"light yet filling" and "military intelligence"
have become standard
T.V. is the place where phrases are redefined
like "recession" to "necessary downturn"
"Crude oil" on a beach to "mousse"
"Civilian death" to "collateral damages"
and being killed by your own Army
is now called "friendly fire"
T.V. is the place where the pursuit
of happiness has become the pursuit of
Where toothpaste and cars have become
sex objects
Where imagination is sucked out of children
by a cathode ray nipple
T.V. is the only wet nurse
that would create a cripple

Television, the drug of the Nation
Breeding ignorance and feeding radiation

Greatest Poster Ever


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I've been looking for a copy of this one for years. If you find it, please get it. I will pay you back.

Its Mine!!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Thirty Five

You say it's your birthday
It's my birthday too--yeah
They say it's your birthday
We're gonna have a good time
I'm glad it's your birthday
Happy birthday to you.

Yes we're going to a party party
Yes we're going to a party party
Yes we're going to a party party.

I would like you to dance--Birthday
Take a cha-cha-cha-chance-Birthday
I would like you to dance--Birthday

You say it's your birthday
Well it's my birthday too--yeah
You say it's your birthday
We're gonna have a good time
I'm glad it's your birthday
Happy birthday to you.

Got a fun weekend lines up. Going to the firestation with my son, heading to my favorite restaurant for dinner, and have 40 yard line seats for the Redskins tomorrow.

Oh yeah, and before anyone asks what gun I got myself, let me just point you in this direction.

Its gonna be a good birthday - for the first time since 9/11

Friday, October 13, 2006

West Virginia

Fuck Yeah

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Advancing Renewable Fuels


Blackberry died and the wireless service is spotty.

Here's a picture of the main hall

And here's an ethanol powered Indy racing car.

As my son would say . . . coool.

Don't think I am staying for the president tomorrow. My fight out is at 3:00 pm. At 11:30 they are locking the entire building down, with no exit allowed, until 1:30 pm. There simply isn't enough time to get to the airport after him (the event was originally ending at noon) and frankly I don't care enough about what he says to sit around for 3 hours to hear his 15 minute pep rally

Advancing Renewable Energy

OK, sorry for the bit of a blackout. THings are spotty when your posting on a blackberry.

I just got a power recharge and can get back to it now.

Some short updates, with more later.

I mentioned Vinad Khosla, the co-founder of Sun Microsystems, earlier. Thought I would give you some more thoughts.

1. He's very passionate and full of energy
2. He's worth a fricken fortune. Maybe the wealthiest person here. Maybe.
3. He's a computer geek in a black turtleneck, doesn't fit in with the farmer crowd assembled here.
4. While he might have a point, and be speaking to a friendly audience, personally insulting the head of the American Petroleum Institute when that individual has no forum left on the program to respond, is silly and sophmoric. You can debate the policy, but personal insults should be kept out of it.
5. Vinad might have billions, but Red Cavaney has many more friends in DC. And its not as if his industry doesn't have a lot of money either. Insulting someone who is better known, has more chits hanging out there, and ultimately has more money behind him, isn't the way to win in Washington.

Sitting at a breakout session on supply issues right now. Its being moderated by Joe Jobe from the Biodiesel board. He's a fairly entertaining moderator, though the discussion itself is rather dry.

Don Endres, of Verasun (largest ethanol refiner around, they own a bunch of gas stations too) is talking about distribution for consumer use while Amory Lovins of the Rocky Mountain Institute is talking about the need to get away from Saudi Oil (big theme here).

The head of Monsantos research lab is also on the panel. One of the big concerns - bigger even than the energy efficincy concern - that overrides discussions on swithching to an ethanol economy, is whether we can even grow enough corn and what that will do to our existing food supplies. I mentioned this earlier.

Monsanto has been in development of some new grains that seek to overcome that hurdle by increasing grain yields, and in one specific case achieving a 40% increase in yeilds from drought prone areas.

If successful, that will go a long way to ensure environmental protection (think CRP lands) as well as protection of exisitng food supplies. However, I'll believe it when I see it.

Advancing Rewewable Fuels

Good morning.

Here in St. Louis at the America’s Conference.

Spotty connection here, so updates may be spaced apart

Quick thoughts this morning.

First, the mayor of St. Louis is a tool. A complete and total tool. He was introduced this morning and took the stage to a rock and roll soundtrack. Guy sitting next to me said, who is he, a Major League baseball player?

Anyway, this conference is a big deal.

A lot of people, and a lot of money invested into it.
Richard Tolman, CEO of the Corn Growers Association is overseeing the entire conference, serving as the master of ceremonies. This is, not surprisingly al about corn

Tom Dorr, USDA Undersecretary for Rural Development and Andy Karsner who runs the Renewable Energy section at DOE introduced a pretty impressive video on the countries history with bio fuels. Very entertaining with some fascinating archival footage included in it.

Right now, Patricia Woertz, former Executive VP of Chevron and current President and CEO of Archer Daniels Midland is also giving an overview of the history of renewable energy and ADMs position. Interestingly, Fords first car was a flex fuel vehicle and Henry Ford thought the future of cars would be based upon converting biomass and fruit and weeds and grains to energy and that the country was heading in that direction up until the start of WWII when the discovery of oil in Saudi Arabia changed the dynamics and economics of energy.


Jim TAlent (R-MO) is up as the luncheon keynote speaker. Bush, apparantly, isn't here today. We got the security notice that he will be here tomorrow (and apparantly I can't bring my computer).

Anyway, Talent is in a tight campaign race and here talking about all he has done for ethanol and farmers. He does raise a good point about ethanol.

For years, the struggle has been to find markets for all the corn and beans we grow. Now, the question is how we find enough grain for all the ethanol plants. He thinks that's a much better position to be in.

BTW, these people hate oil. Talent just got a roaring ovation when he asked the question who do we trust more, hard working Americans or terrorists like the mullahs in Iran and Hugo Chavez.

This follows up on the presentation of Vinad Khosla where he really went after the petroleum industry and pointed out the numerous subsidies that they receive.

advancing renewable fuels

Just did an interview with a dc publication about my organizations role and this conference. Ended up missing Red Cavaney of API's presentation but Vinod Khosla followed up with a tremendous discussion on how to think "outside the barrel."

He believes ethanol is the future but we need to work harder to ensure its long term inestment and marketing but we are on the verge of overcoming all our scientific hurdles.

Charles Holliday, CEO of DuPont is on right now talking about engenering growth through science.

He discussed the BioPDO plant they are constructing in Loudon,TN to manufacture new types of textiles and indicated that for DuPont, it feels all like Nylon again.

Advancing Renewable Fuels


So there isn't any reliable or accesible wireless access in the assembly room. They have a wifi area in the exhibit hall and I will post an update from there at the next break.

Interesting presentations so far, especially the messaging from Second Johanns of the USDA on the need for diverse sources and how the future isn't corn ethanol, but rather bio mass.

Advancing Renewable Energy

St. Louis, The City of Blues

Took the early flight out to St. Louis today in preparation for the renewable fuels conference tomorrow.

As I’ve indicated, I will be live blogging it. Got in early, and headed out west and took a gorgeous drive along the bluffs of the Missouri River. Saw a couple of Red Tailed Hawks, as well as some real pretty foliage. Its fall here alright.

Staying at the Hilton at Busch Stadium. Here’s the City View from my room.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The hotel is across the street from Busch Stadium and half the rooms have a view of the field. When I booked it, I was hopeful that the Mets would lose and I would get to take in a playoff game. Oh well, no such luck.

Big complaint against the Hilton. While they have free wifi in the lobby, they charge $9.95 a day to use their high speed internet in your room . . . and that requires a hard wire into their system. No wireless at all up in tower. Bummer. I am a Gold VIP member and have registered my disgust at their policy. I could have stayed at the Hampton Suites down the street, another Hilton Property, for less money and gotten free wifi. Or stayed at the Adams Mark, Hilton's big competitor here (and one of the worst values for the money hotels I've ever stayed in) and gotten free wifi. Or, even the Drury Inn across the street.

As for the conference tomorrow, it should be interesting. Knew ¾ of the people on my plane out here. Its certainly a mid west affair, but I wonder what the campaign value is if the majority of people there are actually from DC???

Highlights, of course, are the expected rollout by President Bush of his renewable fuels plan (read: ethanol) in advance of the election. Will it be enough to save Jim Talent? Who knows? I, and lots of others, have some serious concerns with ethanol.

One of the striking things I’ve seen in the new position is a fear of criticizing I tend to get nervous whenever anyone puts all their cookies in one basket. With the midwest and the agricultural community (not a group that has been known for the depths of its critical thinking and planning over the years) I can see this same pattern emerging again. As I meet more and more aggies, and especially folks from the Midwest corn states, I get the sense that criticizing ethanol (and the outrageous financial support it recieves from the .gov) is the equivalent of being a long haired hippy throwing off on mom and apple pie. Seriously.

The result, of course, is that if the corn folks get their way in the coming farm bill, there will be grave long term consequences. Before we go down that path, we really need an honest and serious conversation - with full economic disclosure and understanding.

There is no such thing as a perpetual motion machine. Yet midwestern corn growers and their political backers, seem to ignore this and believe they can generate enough energy from corn to profitably generate energy.

They can't. Not without significant governemnt bailouts.

Of course, the path we are heading down right now is likely to lead to $3.00/bushel corn. Will that be good for farmers? The environment? I doubt it.

The ethanol bubble is likely to blow over in 5 years. In that short period of time though, what will be the economic harm imposed by short sighted corn growers on the overall economy in general, and on their feed customers in particular. And by feed, I don't only mean cattle and hogs and chicken, but also all those customers who depend upon corn syrup (In that vein, I urge you to read the Omnivores Dilemma. Michael Pollen’s book on the link between petroleum, e-corn, and everything else, is a fascinating must read.) Ethanol will force them to go overseas and find new supplies.

Is that what America's corn growers really want? More competition?

While it sounds good to say, lets get off foreign oil, a conversion to ethanol means the price of nearly everything (assuming Michael Pollen is even a smidgen correct) will go through the roof, especially all the foods that rely on corn and corn sugar.

Furthermore, the latest forcoasts coming from Iowa show that within that same five year time period, at current rates of expansion, Iowa will end up being a net deficit corn state. Imagine the political costs when Iowans find it necessary to import corn because they can no longer buy their own corn?

I, and I like to think other thinking AMericans, prefer a robust and health market of energy alternatives to a reliance on one source. Sure, ethanol and other sources of bio mass energy should be part of this (if it eventually become cost effective) as should wind, and hydro, and solar, and oil, and gas, and nukes.

Only time will tell what happens with America's energy future, but tomorrow promises to provide at least part of the forcast.

I hope to bring you the blow by blow, as well as the occasional photo of the exhibits and the speakers. Who knows, I might even pull off some video of Bush.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I'm not gay or anything . . .

but Bitter's right.

Dave Kopel is hot!

Tuesday Morning Song Lyric

Well, we skipped the Monday Song Lyric this week in favor of a Sunday Freaks and Geeks tribute. Continuing in that vein, had Nick Andopolis and Daniel Desario come of age just a few years later I am sure they would have added a healthy dose of Iron Maiden to their musical smorgasborg.

In my view, Powerslave was to Iron Maiden as Houses of the Holy was to Led Zep.
Seeing as Bruce Dickenson was a master swordsman (and a one time olympic fencing hopeful) it was only inevitable that they include - within the lyrical landscape of their stellar masterpiece - a tribute to the Duellist.

The Duellist
Words and Music by Steve Harris

He threw down a glove you made the mistake
Of picking it up now you're gone
The choosing of guns or fighting with swords
The choice of weapons is done
He'll tear you apart as soon as you start
You know you don't have a chance.

OH...OH...Fight for the honour
Fight for the splendour
Fight for the pleasure
OH...OH...Fight for the honour
Fight for the splendour
Fight for your life!

Ready to start the duel begins the best man wins in the end.
A lunge and a feint, a parry too late
A cut to the chest and you're down
Seeing the stain then feeling the pain
Feeling the sweat on your brow.

OH...OH...Fight for the honour
Fight for the splendour
Fight for the pleasure
OH...OH...Fight for the honour
Fight for the splendour
Fight for your life!

The fighting resumes, a silence looms the swordsmen move 'gainst each
A cut and a thrust, a parry, a blow, a stab to the heart and you're down
The Angel of Death hears your last breath
Meanwhile the Reaper looks on.

OH...OH...Fight for the honour
Fight for the splendour
Fight for the pleasure
OH...OH...Fight for the honour
Fight for the splendour
Fight for your life!

OH...OH...Fought the honour
Fought for the splendour
Fought for the pleasure
OH...OH...Fought for the honour
fought for the splendour
Fought to the death

For more on swords, duelling, and the like, check out Sharp Blades, the latest entry to my blog roll and a blog dedicated to all things cutting (I'd really like to see more on Japanese sword making - hint, hint). For you gunnies out there, he even has a post on bayonets.

Monday, October 09, 2006



WIth the web page crash, and re-birth, it seems like I forgot to re-attach sitemeter.

As a result, I averaged a whole 0 page views for the last week.

no wonder no one is buying ads here anymore :)

Greatest Poster Ever - postponed

I got thinking,

since this is basically the Holy Grail of posters to me (beyond the sheer beauty of it, I have reasons I will share later), I've decided to take the post down for fear that some twerp might interupt my bidding.

I'd kill for less. Lets leave it at that.

The beauty will return, once it is firmly in my hands.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Renewable Energy

I'm heading out to the midwest - St. Louis the city of Blues - Tuesday to attend a joint USDA/DOE conference on advancing renewable energy. Will be visiting an ethanol and bio diesel plant and President Bush is expected to speak at some point.

To the extent I can get a wi-fi connection, I'll be live blogging it.

American Beauty


I'm sitting here watching my box set of Freaks and Geeks (only one of the best shows ever on television) and halfway through the final episode someone says to Lindsey Weir (one of the main charecters, played by Linda Carellini) that they wish they had never heard American Beauty before, just so they could here it again for the first time.

I can't agree more.

Box Of Rain
Lyrics by Robert Hunter;
Music by Phil Lesh

Look out of any window
any morning, any evening, any day
Maybe the sun is shining
birds are winging or
rain is falling from a heavy sky -
What do you want me to do,
to do for you to see you through?
this is all a dream we dreamed
one afternoon long ago

Walk out of any doorway
feel your way, feel your way
like the day before
Maybe you'll find direction
around some corner
where it's been waiting to meet you -
What do you want me to do,
to watch for you while you're sleeping?
Well please don't be surprised
when you find me dreaming too

Look into any eyes
you find by you, you can see
clear through to another day
I know it's been seen before
through other eyes on other days
while going home --
What do you want me to do,
to do for you to see you through?
It's all a dream we dreamed
one afternoon long ago

Walk into splintered sunlight
Inch your way through dead dreams
to another land
Maybe you're tired and broken
Your tongue is twisted
with words half spoken
and thoughts unclear
What do you want me to do
to do for you to see you through
A a box of rain will ease the pain
and love will see you through

Just a box of rain -
wind and water -
Believe it if you need it,
if you don't just pass it on
Sun and shower -
Wind and rain -
in and out the window
like a moth before a flame

It's just a box of rain
I don't know who put it there
Believe it if you need it
or leave it if you dare
But it's just a box of rain
or a ribbon for your hair
Such a long long time to be gone
and a short time to be there

Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Original Department of Homeland Security

They take a libertarian approach to homeland security that is rarely heard nationally; Jon Tester, in a recent debate, said, “With things like the Patriot Act, we’d damn well better keep our guns.”

Damn Right!

Read the entire, fascinating article, on the continuing rise of a new Democratic Party.

Who knows, if they could drop their current bigoted leadership, they may actually be able to make some waves.

Friday, October 06, 2006


Enjoyable evening.

Drinks with the inimitable Bitter Bitch and Dave Hardy.

Entertaining movie with the wife and kid(s)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Blogger Sucks

Looks like the whole template went down this evening.

I threw this up, to keep it up. But, frankly, I don't have the time to maintain it.

I've quit this blog twice before - only to be pulled back into the addiction. Not sure if I can invest the time to keep it going after this.

I'll try - I've got another blog in the works on moveable type - might move this all over to that . . . who knows.

Blogger Sucks

Looks like the whole template went down this evening.

I threw this up, to keep it up. But, frankly, I don't have the time to maintain it.

I've quit this blog twice before - only to be pulled back into the addiction. Not sure if I can invest the time to keep it going after this.

I'll try - I've got another blog in the works on moveable type - might move this all over to that . . . who knows.

What American Educators Should Look Like


Imagine her teaching your kids.

Its something I could get behind.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Deer Beware


Went to the NRA Range last week to sight in the new Scope (for me, an old Weaver K4) on my Marlin.

Sequence was far left, then centered but high (don't ask, I mixed up the windage and elevation knobs), then walking it down.

7 Shots, deadly accurate.

Not too shabby. Deer beware.

Republicans May Pull It Off After All

I've said in the past I refused to support George Allen. Thats mostly true, and while I was hesitating to stand behind Webb, his web page made the final decision for me today.

After receiving 4 different Allen emails, non of which addressed the issues and concerns which are important to me, I headed over to ready to read up on his positions and bit the bullet by sending my District Chairman a note that I wouldn't be voting (or working) for Allen this fall.

He won't have to worry about recieving that note.

Why? Cause when I clicked on over, I was greated by a BIG PICTURE of the she beast herself - Hillary Clinton. If Webb is so out of touch that he can't figure out not to stick this beast on his main web page, then I certainly can't trust him to fight the good fight (or even deserve a protest vote) for the U.S. Senate.

Congrats George Allen. You won my vote, by default.

Million Dollar Ideas

Ravnwood is already all over today's Washington Post story on the Bikini Cuts outfit that appears to be opening in Virginia.

I thought this was pretty amusing article, especially since I came up with a similar concept last year.

Except, mine would only work in Amsterdam.

Cause instead of wearing bikini's, the barbers would be topless.

and, in addition to shining your shoes while cutting your hair (which is where I got the idea) they would also be providing "other" personal services.

Name of the shop: Head

and in the spirit of fairness and equal opportunity employment and offense, I'd have both a guys and gals section. Heck, might even split it into four seperate sectors - for both straights and gays: MF, MM, FF, FM.

Let everyone send money my way . . . and get a nice trim too.

I Blame The Bigots


But for the gun banning bigots, another unfortunate tragedy could have been prevented.

Just ask yourself, what would have happened if all the teachers in the school were not only concealed carry permit holders, but required to carry a gun in the classroom.

This is going to be a recurring post around here, reposted everytime a needless tragedy occurs