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Monday, October 02, 2006

Republicans May Pull It Off After All

I've said in the past I refused to support George Allen. Thats mostly true, and while I was hesitating to stand behind Webb, his web page made the final decision for me today.

After receiving 4 different Allen emails, non of which addressed the issues and concerns which are important to me, I headed over to ready to read up on his positions and bit the bullet by sending my District Chairman a note that I wouldn't be voting (or working) for Allen this fall.

He won't have to worry about recieving that note.

Why? Cause when I clicked on over, I was greated by a BIG PICTURE of the she beast herself - Hillary Clinton. If Webb is so out of touch that he can't figure out not to stick this beast on his main web page, then I certainly can't trust him to fight the good fight (or even deserve a protest vote) for the U.S. Senate.

Congrats George Allen. You won my vote, by default.


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