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Monday, October 02, 2006

Million Dollar Ideas

Ravnwood is already all over today's Washington Post story on the Bikini Cuts outfit that appears to be opening in Virginia.

I thought this was pretty amusing article, especially since I came up with a similar concept last year.

Except, mine would only work in Amsterdam.

Cause instead of wearing bikini's, the barbers would be topless.

and, in addition to shining your shoes while cutting your hair (which is where I got the idea) they would also be providing "other" personal services.

Name of the shop: Head

and in the spirit of fairness and equal opportunity employment and offense, I'd have both a guys and gals section. Heck, might even split it into four seperate sectors - for both straights and gays: MF, MM, FF, FM.

Let everyone send money my way . . . and get a nice trim too.


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