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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Carnival of Cordite

Its up, its the 73rd Edition, and its the "Best of" version.

Ought to check it out.

One - sort of - funny (and sort of pathetic) note.

I've hosted a dozen of the Carnivals over the last couple of years, and have had a huge number of posts featured in them, so while I haven't really been posting much (due to my new job and its workload) when Chris at Spank The Donkey asked me to send in some posts, this is what I replied at 10:33 pm Saturday.

Let me put something together right now.

I've been working 18 hour days for 4 weeks now.

Next thing I know, its 7:00 am Saturday morning and I am waking up in my easy chair, laptop on the lap in front of me, with it opened to blogger. Apparantly, I had fallen asleep in mid key stroke and then had to run off to assist my VERY pregnant wife. Didn't get back on till now (10:45 pm Sunday, two days later) and noticed the Carnival was up already.

Aaah, well, check it out and my apologeeze for not posting anything this week.


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