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Monday, September 11, 2006

Hey Jealousy (count the ways)

So, neighbors wife decides to take him to africa for a big game safari this summer as a birthday present. He ends up shooting lots of cool animals, including a leopard. They get back and send us pics of the lodge and the kills and all. One of them includes him holding this gun.

Wow. So I say, what the heck is that rifle? A Ruger in the all new and all powerful Ruger .375.

But wait, didn't they just announce that new round? Yep.

Oh well, such is life when you work in the industry.

Hey, I did say I was jealous, didn't I?

(but not too jealous, spoke with my new boss about planning my extended trip to the farm and part of the discussion included what guns I would need to bring out and what they could provide me there and what game was going to be in season)


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