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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

And We Are Off Again

Its the start of the third week on the new job and that can only mean one thing.

My third multi day trip in as much time.

For those keeping track.

Week 1 (3 days)
Start on Wednesday.
Leave Wednesday mid afternoon.
Arrive back in DC late on Friday
Total time in office - 1/2 day.

Week 2 (5 days)
Start on Monday.
Leave on Tuesday evening.
Back in office on Friday.
Total time in office - 3 days

Week 3 (This Week - 4 days)
Start on Tuesday.
Leave Tuesday morning
Back in office on Friday
Total time in office - 1 1/2 days

So, at the end of this week that will give me 12 days on the job but only 5 days in the office. Yikes!!!!

Luckily, things will settle down after this trip - I only have three more trips planned through the end of October. Thats good, and will give me time to get caught up which I need to do.


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